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How To Rent a Porta Potty for an Extended Period of Time

December 20, 2022

Certain circumstances might require you to set up a portal potty at your home, facility, or event for an extended period. The following is helpful information about long term porta potty rental, what to consider, and who you should talk to about renting one. What Is Extended Porta Potty Rental? An extended portal potty rental is a situation where a client needs to rent portal potties for several weeks or an entire season. An excellent example of this situation is porta potty rental for construction site activities. Some companies need to rent them for several months while construction workers build new... View Article

How To Find the Perfect Portable Toilet for Disabled Patrons

November 30, 2022

ADA portable toilets are a necessity for some situations and organizations. Fortunately, they are available for rental or purchase through the proper channels. The following is some information about handicap-accessible toilets, why you may need them, and where you can find them if you need to.  Reasons To Get an ADA-Accessible Portable Toilet There are numerous reasons to invest in an ADA-accessible porta potty for your home, office, or event. These are some of the top reasons they can be beneficial: Meet Specific Regulations One main reason to invest in an ADA porta potty is to meet certain regulations. The... View Article

Where to Put Your Portable Toilet

November 20, 2022

If you are planning any type of event, or will have a period of time in which a bathroom will be offline, investing in a porta potty rental can be a good idea. While professional porta potty rentals can be a good idea, you may not want your porta potty to stand out and be clearly visible. In these situations, finding a way to hide or properly place the porta potty is important. There are various tips that you can follow that can help you find the right place to put your porta potty.  Discrete Location When you are looking... View Article

The Steps Taken To Clean A Porta Potty

October 25, 2022

You know that porta potties are amazingly convenient, and they help major events progress more smoothly. However, you might not know how they work or who cleans them and keeps them sanitized. These are some commonly asked questions about porta potty maintenance and some information about what happens to the waste.  Who Cleans Portapotties? Usually, porta potty rental companies have specially-trained sanitation workers who service the units for their customers. These individuals come out and perform cleaning duties at the appropriate intervals, depending on the amount of time the customers reserve their units for. The sanitation workers may also be... View Article

The History of Porta Potties

October 18, 2022

While sitting in a polyurethane portajohn, history fanatics and the casually curious alike may wonder things such as “Where did portapotties come from?” and “Who invented portapotties?” Thankfully, we have the answers to these burning questions, whether you’re scrolling while on the porcelain throne or elsewhere. Where did porta potties come from? As shares, porta potties originated in Long Beach, California during the Second World War. They started as a solution to the issue of men taking a long time to reach the bathrooms that were located at the dock’s rear. One inventive chap began wondering if it would be... View Article

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