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The Steps Taken To Clean A Porta Potty

October 25, 2022

You know that porta potties are amazingly convenient, and they help major events progress more smoothly. However, you might not know how they work or who cleans them and keeps them sanitized. These are some commonly asked questions about porta potty maintenance and some information about what happens to the waste.  Who Cleans Portapotties? Usually, porta potty rental companies have specially-trained sanitation workers who service the units for their customers. These individuals come out and perform cleaning duties at the appropriate intervals, depending on the amount of time the customers reserve their units for. The sanitation workers may also be... View Article

The History of Porta Potties

October 18, 2022

While sitting in a polyurethane portajohn, history fanatics and the casually curious alike may wonder things such as “Where did portapotties come from?” and “Who invented portapotties?” Thankfully, we have the answers to these burning questions, whether you’re scrolling while on the porcelain throne or elsewhere. Where did porta potties come from? As shares, porta potties originated in Long Beach, California during the Second World War. They started as a solution to the issue of men taking a long time to reach the bathrooms that were located at the dock’s rear. One inventive chap began wondering if it would be... View Article

Portable Restrooms: How To Make Them More Comfortable

September 30, 2022

You’re already halfway there if you’ve made the decision to rent porta potties for your next event. Now you need to think of creative ways to make those stalls more inviting and exciting for your patrons. These are some tips for creating an inviting atmosphere within your porta potty rental: Rent Luxury Trailers Invest a little bit more money in portable restroom rentals and request units that have extra features and amenities. For example, you can ask for luxury trailers that offer unisex usage, vanity mirrors, double sinks, etc. The goal is to make your guests feel as "at home" as... View Article

The Top 5 Benefits of Having a Porta Potty at Your Tailgate

September 20, 2022

If you are considering renting portable toilets for your next tailgate, then you will be happy to discover all the benefits portable bathroom rentals offer. There are a few things to consider when choosing portable bathroom rentals, but the advantages of renting portable toilets for your next tailgate will benefit you and your guests. Considerations for Using Portable Bathroom Rentals Portable bathrooms will require a stable foundation, such as a grassy area or concrete platform. Any area you can build a permanent structure on will typically suffice.  You will also want to consider the expected foot traffic at your event,... View Article

What Should You Do If Your Porta Potty Rental Tips Over?

August 20, 2022

Portable restrooms provide a convenient option for events or construction sites where traditional bathrooms are not readily available. Since portable toilets are self-contained, they can be placed almost anywhere. However, while these restrooms may look stable on their own, they’re prone to accidents. A common portable restroom accident is when it tips over, and you should know how to handle this type of incident. We’ll look at tips on what to do if your portable restroom tips over and some common causes of this type of accident. What Causes a Portable Restroom to Tip Over? There are several reasons why... View Article

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