On Second Thought … Don’t Flush That

January 30, 2023

Portable toilets are a great thing. They make it possible to use the toilet even when you are not at home and do not have a traditional toilet. There are some things you cannot flush down a portable toilet, and knowing what they are can help you keep the portable toilet you are using functioning properly.

What Can You Flush Down Porta Potties? 

You can flush nearly anything down a porta potty that would be okay to flush down a normal toilet. You can flush both liquid and solid human waste down a porta potty without any issue and without any trouble. Similarly, you cannot flush things like feminine hygiene products, paper towels, food, baby diapers, and even wipes.

These are things that you cannot flush down a normal toilet, and you should follow the same rules when using a portable toilet. Though you might assume that it is ok to flush things down a portable toilet because they do not go into a septic tank or a sewer system, you do need to be cognizant of what you are putting down the toilet.

Most porta potty companies will give you a rundown of what can be put in your porta potties and what should not. If you feel that you need to put something in a porta potty that you are unsure of, you should keep it until you can put it in a proper trash or waste receptacle.

Porta Potty Tip

When it comes to portable toilets, the biggest issue is with anything that goes into a portable toilet that should not be disposed of. After the toilet returns from the event, the portable toilets are emitted into holding tanks and disposal receptacles where solids or things that are not supposed to be in the tank must be removed.

If there are things that will not biodegrade or will not break down, the company that rented the porta potty will have to remove those items before they can dispose of the human waste. For those using a porta potty, you should put things inside that are okay to put in a normal toilet and that you will not have to make any special disposal for.

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