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What Are Restroom Trailers?

June 20, 2022

The portable restroom business is a bigger industry than you might imagine. There are many situations in which a portable restroom trailer purchase makes sense, which is why the industry is growing to meet the needs of its customers. Should I Get a Restroom Trailer? There are plenty of situations when having a restroom trailer on hand can be extremely helpful. One situation that comes up from time to time is that the plumbing at a particular business will go out. It is irritating and frustrating for everyone when this happens, but it can strike at any time. With that... View Article

How To Choose Between Portable Bathroom Trailers and Portable Toilets

May 30, 2022

Should I get a restroom trailer or a portable toilet for my event? The issue of a portable toilet versus restroom trailer has been a common concern. Event organizers sometimes don’t know what they should choose for their activities. Here’s how to choose between a portable toilet and portable bathroom trailers. 1. The Size of the Event The number of people expected to attend your event is a critical determinant of whether you should get a portable toilet or bathroom trailer. If you expect a small crowd, then a portable toilet would be ideal. However, if you expect many people... View Article

8 Benefits of Renting Luxury Restroom Trailers

January 20, 2022

If the thought of using a porta potty at an outdoor event makes your stomach turn, you’re not alone. Portable toilets are traditionally considered smelly and unsanitary, especially if they’re not rented from a reliable company. But those days of using a smelly portable restroom are a thing of the past when you rent restroom trailers. Continue reading to learn a few of the perks of restroom trailers: Reduced line time: There’s nothing worse than waiting outside in the hot sun for your turn to use the restroom. That’s where portable trailers can save the day. Each restroom trailer typically... View Article

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