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Should You Get a Portable Toilet for Your Wedding?

September 30, 2021

Should you have portable bathrooms for a wedding? Some people have the wrong idea when it comes to portable toilets—not all portable toilets are like the ones you’ve seen at county fairs and similar events. There are plenty of options for luxury portable toilets, which are perfect for graduation parties, anniversaries—and, yes—even weddings. Read on for several reasons why you should rent porta potties for a wedding. Not all wedding venues have nearby bathrooms These days, many couples stray away from the traditional church wedding. Some even choose to host their wedding in a remote setting, like the woods. The... View Article

Choosing the Right Portable Toilet for Your Event

September 16, 2021

You may not realize it, but there are many different options when it comes to portable toilets. There are traditional porta potties, handicap-accessible toilets, portable restroom trailers and more. Each type of portable toilet varies in size and price, which makes choosing the right one for an event sometimes difficult. That’s why many event planners find themselves wondering, how to choose a portable toilet? To make things a bit easier, we’ve provided information on several different types of portable toilets below: Handicap-accessible portable toilets: As the name suggests, these toilets are built to make things easier for those with certain... View Article

How Do Maintenance Crews Handle Porta Potty Cleaning?

August 30, 2021

Proper porta potty sanitation is critical for ensuring cleanliness in porta potties and the health of their users, and to prevent the condition of porta potties from causing a poor experience. Porta potty cleaning is a dirty job, but it’s required to prevent overuse and potential health and sanitation issues. Here’s a quick overview of how it’s typically done by maintenance crews from portable restroom companies. Cleaning porta potties At large outdoor events, particularly multi-day events, it’s necessary for cleaning crews to come in and clean at least once a day, usually at night after the event is over or... View Article

The Blue Liquid in Porta Potties: What Is It?

August 16, 2021

If you’ve ever used a porta potty before, you may have looked down into the tank only to notice a mysterious blue liquid. While the subject of porta potty chemicals might not be something you wish to spend a lot of time thinking about, this particular issue is one of the most frequently asked-about subjects in the world of porta potty rental and maintenance. So, what’s that blue stuff in the tank? The most basic answer is that it’s a deodorizer, designed to cover up some of the not-so-pleasant smells that may otherwise emanate from the porta potty tank. Here’s... View Article

Reasons You Need a Portable Toilet at Your Event

August 2, 2021

Yes, it’s an extra expense for your event. Yes, it requires some effort to set up the rental and delivery. Yes, it’s worth it. If you’re debating whether you should rent an event porta potty, consider the following reasons to move forward with the rental. It’s a necessity If there are no permanent restrooms at your event site, you need an event porta potty. They are essential for your guests’ comfort. Imagine trying to host an event that lasts longer than an hour and expecting guests to comfortably attend without access to a restroom. It’s simply not realistic. You may... View Article

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