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How to Keep Porta Potties Properly Ventilated

May 10, 2021

Porta potties are well known for being a convenient solution for essentially every kind of large outdoor event. But there is one persistent problem: portable toilet odor. You may think this is an unavoidable part of porta potties, but the reality is that, with proper ventilation, you can provide a more pleasant experience for your guests. Read on to find out more about porta potty ventilation in Chattanooga, TN. Can you avoid porta potty odor? Yes—modern porta potties are designed in an innovative way. If they’re maintained on a regular basis and used properly, they shouldn’t smell any worse than... View Article

Why You Need Insurance for Porta Potties

April 26, 2021

Every large event or gathering is required by law to provide sufficient restroom facilities. That’s where portable toilets come in: they act as a convenient, cost-effective way to provide the facilities needed for everyone to enjoy their time. A quality porta potty company will offer clean, well-maintained facilities that guests will be comfortable using. Each porta potty unit comes with the option for rental insurance. This is necessary if you want to be protected in the event something goes wrong. Read on to find out more about porta potty insurance in Chattanooga, TN and how it can benefit your event.... View Article

Best Odor Control for Portable Toilets

April 7, 2021

One of the largest concerns people have when renting a portable toilet is the need for odor control. Strong odors are one of the main reasons people may want to avoid using a portable toilet if they can help it. If you’re renting a portable toilet for your next event or construction job, it’s important to make sure it smells as fresh as possible. A fresh-smelling toilet can also mean that bacteria is being kept at bay. There are many products on the market that can be used to keep portable toilet odor under control. When looking for the perfect... View Article

Do You Need a Holding Tank for a Porta Potty?

March 24, 2021

Holding tanks are a great option for those needing more time between installing a porta potty and having it emptied. It’s never good when your porta potty starts to completely fill before someone can empty it. The smell could be terrible, and it might leave people without a place to go to the bathroom. That’s why holding tanks are recommended for most porta potties. If you’re looking for a quality porta potty holding tank in Chattanooga, TN, consider the options offered at Pit Stop Portables. Are you looking for easier maintenance? One of the best things about porta potty holding... View Article

Where Should You Place Your Porta Potties?

February 26, 2021

Renting porta potties should be near the top of your to-do list the next time you’re getting ready to host an outdoor event. After all, you’re going to have some pretty upset guests if there’s nowhere to use the bathroom at the function! But in addition to renting the units, you’ll need to consider portable toilet placement in Chattanooga, TN once they’re delivered to the site. Simply setting the porta potties down wherever you see fit won’t do. In fact, poor placement can cause just as many problems as not renting enough units. To help ensure your next gathering goes... View Article

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