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Coronavirus: Stopping the Spread

April 15, 2020

Today, everyone needs to do their part to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Employees of essential business are taking precautions when working with customers or handling products, and citizens now wear masks when out in public. But we mustn’t forget those companies that are always in the business of cleanliness, such as portable toilet rental companies. When it comes to porta potties, the motto is always “the cleaner, the better.” But now more than ever before, portable toilet rental companies are extremely concerned about customer safety and product cleanliness. COVID-19 continues to spread, which is why these... View Article

Hassle-Free Fishing

April 3, 2020

As any veteran Tennessee angler can tell you, fishing in the Chattanooga area is something really special. Middle Tennessee is home to an incredibly diverse selection of landscapes, including streams and lakes, tributaries and reservoirs—and all that beautiful water is home to an equally diverse array of angler’s trophies. Indeed, more freshwater fish call Tennessee home than anywhere else in the continental United States. Of course, if you want to make the most of a once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip, then be sure to consider every aspect of your comfort. It’s time to think about fishing restrooms in Chattanooga, TN. Maximize your... View Article

What Every Concert and Festival Needs

March 20, 2020

If there’s one thing that unites the people of middle Tennessee, it’s a good time. Whether you’re gathering a bunch of country, bluegrass or jam bands for a one-of-a-kind concert, or you’re rounding people up for a festival that celebrates the Volunteer State’s history of great culture and even better food, you can count on crowds showing up to help you have a good time. In the days leading up to the event, organizers will likely find themselves swamped with preparations. Securing your space, getting the food, hiring bands and nervously checking the weather will undoubtedly fill your days. While... View Article

How to Better Enjoy Your Porta Potty Visit

March 4, 2020

It’s safe to say that nobody really looks forward to using a porta potty. And why should they? From the dimly-lit space to the smell, the typical porta potty experience in Chattanooga, TN is pretty awful. However, we’re here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case. Keep reading to find out how to improve your next trip to the porta potty. Choose the right porta potty Step one in ensuring a decent porta potty experience is choosing the best available unit. Try to find one that hasn’t been used recently, as it’s more likely to smell... View Article

Alternative and Unique Uses for Porta Potties

February 19, 2020

For decades, porta potties have been thought of as a place to do your business when there are no other options around. But that’s not always the case—there are several unconventional porta potty uses in Chattanooga, TN that you may have never thought of before. This post will cover some of the more unique uses out there: Football practice: You may see porta potties outside of football stadiums, but could you imagine seeing one on a football field? Believe it or not, it’s not an uncommon practice! The Kansas City Chiefs started using them in 2010 to boost concentration for... View Article

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