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A History of Modern Portable Toilets

January 2, 2021

Looking back at its origins, it’s hard to imagine anyone ever using the original porta potty units fashioned in the 1940s. Over time, though, these bathroom systems evolved to make them easier to transport and improve their overall sanitary conditions. While they might seem similar, an original porta potty is entirely different from the modern porta potties in Chattanooga, TN that we rent out to families and businesses throughout the community. The wartime demand for portable toilets As countries around the globe engaged in battle, military bases sprung up all over Europe and Asia during World War II. These new,... View Article

Why Is It Called a “John”?

December 19, 2020

There’s an endless list of nicknames for a toilet: head, loo, WC, lavatory, privy, latrine—that’s just a small sample of the many names for a toilet we’ve heard during our decades of service as a porta potty rental business. Often, people in Chattanooga, TN bring their toilet-related questions to us, such as, “Why is it called a ‘john’?” Who was John? Meet Sir John Harrington, one of Queen Elizabeth I’s 102 godchildren and known as The Saucy Godson for penning risqué poetry. Looking back through centuries of toilet and porta potty history in Chattanooga, TN and around the world, any... View Article

How to Keep Portable Toilets Fresh

December 2, 2020

Portable toilets get a bad rap, but using them doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. In fact, if you keep up with regular portable toilet cleaning and sanitation in Chattanooga, TN, your guests will be surprised at how clean and safe they can be. The key is to follow industry advice and work out a regular cleaning schedule; it’s the only way to keep high-traffic restrooms sanitary over multiple days. Read on to learn the best ways to keep your porta potties smelling fresh. Portable toilet sanitization Porta potties used to use formaldehyde—the same chemical used for embalming—for sanitization.... View Article

ADA Compliance and Regulations for Portable Restrooms

November 18, 2020

Do you know the difference between regular porta potties, handicap accessible and ADA-compliant, wheelchair accessible portable restrooms in Chattanooga, TN? (Did you even realize there’s a difference between the latter two?) If not, you’re not alone—most customers don’t know what distinguishes them from each other, particularly if they aren’t familiar with the challenges mobility issues can present. However, depending on your event or organization type, you may need to use one or both kinds of accessible porta potties. Here’s what you need to know when you’re interested in renting portable toilets. Handicap and wheelchair accessible portable restrooms in Chattanooga, TN... View Article

5 Porta Potty Facts Your Construction Site Should Know

November 8, 2020

Porta potties and construction sites tend to go hand-in-hand. Whether the job is large or small, indoors or out, if you’re going to have several workers roaming the job site, you’re going to need some porta potties. If you haven’t considered porta potty construction site use in Chattanooga, TN, then it’s time to understand what you could be missing out on. Improve productivity Whether you’re running a massive construction build or you’re just adding a new room to someone’s home, every contractor ultimately worries about improving productivity as much as possible. After all, the longer the job takes, the more... View Article

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