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Understanding Porta Potties and Cold Weather

December 27, 2021

It’s cold outside—which causes plenty of people to wonder if you can use porta potties in the winter. The answer is yes, although it may take a little extra care and consideration. While the mercury is dropping, people still need to use clean and accessible restrooms at events. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, festival or sporting event, it’s wise to understand how cold weather can affect your porta potty rentals. How cold weather affects porta potties The main concern when using porta potties in winter is ensuring that the holding tank doesn’t freeze. You might know that the holding... View Article

Porta Potties and Holiday Parties

December 13, 2021

There might not be any holiday music about how great it is to have clean, safe and accessible bathrooms at your holiday parties, but maybe there should be. When you’re planning your holiday parties this year, don’t forget to rent porta potties for your guests. The more everyone eats and drinks, the more they’ll be grateful for plentiful portable restrooms. Somewhere between the decorations, the catering, the gifts and the guests, we forget about one very basic need: porta potties for parties. Don’t leave your guests to languish in long bathroom lines; instead, rent porta potties for your next holiday... View Article

How Many Porta Potties Do You Need?

November 23, 2021

Portable toilets are essential for events and construction sites. In the latter case, they’re even required by law. But how many do you need? And what type of unit is best for your purposes? Read on to know how to help your guests answer nature’s call comfortably and easily. How many porta potties do you need for a special event? Hosting a wedding, corporate meet-and-greet, family reunion or any other type of special occasion? You’ll need enough porta potties to keep your guests comfortable. Generally, wedding and other event planners recommend one porta potty for every 25 guests in attendance.... View Article

Winter Events That Require Portable Toilets

November 9, 2021

Are you planning on hosting any winter events this holiday season? If so, portable toilets may be necessary to meet the needs of your guests and increase their enjoyment of your special occasion. Here are some of the winter events that require portable toilets. Winter sporting events Between ice skating, hockey, skiing, snowboarding and more, winter is an exciting time for outdoor sports and activities. Rather than making guests search for a restroom, let them enjoy their event to the fullest by providing on-site facilities to help people meet their needs. Family gatherings The holidays are the best time of... View Article

Should You Get a Portable Toilet for Your Wedding?

September 30, 2021

Should you have portable bathrooms for a wedding? Some people have the wrong idea when it comes to portable toilets—not all portable toilets are like the ones you’ve seen at county fairs and similar events. There are plenty of options for luxury portable toilets, which are perfect for graduation parties, anniversaries—and, yes—even weddings. Read on for several reasons why you should rent porta potties for a wedding. Not all wedding venues have nearby bathrooms These days, many couples stray away from the traditional church wedding. Some even choose to host their wedding in a remote setting, like the woods. The... View Article

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