How To Find the Perfect Portable Toilet for Disabled Patrons

November 30, 2022

ADA portable toilets are a necessity for some situations and organizations. Fortunately, they are available for rental or purchase through the proper channels. The following is some information about handicap-accessible toilets, why you may need them, and where you can find them if you need to. 

Reasons To Get an ADA-Accessible Portable Toilet

There are numerous reasons to invest in an ADA-accessible porta potty for your home, office, or event. These are some of the top reasons they can be beneficial:

Meet Specific Regulations

One main reason to invest in an ADA porta potty is to meet certain regulations. The law requires these potties in certain situations. Each state has different laws regarding ADA-compliant restrooms.

For example, there must be one ADA-compliant restroom for every 20 regular porta potties in certain events. Therefore, it would be wise to perform research so that you know what your state’s laws say about the event you’re about to host. 

Increase the Guest Diversity

Renting a portable ADA restroom isn’t only a good reason because of the regulations. You could also rent one to increase your guest diversity.

By setting up those types of restrooms, you will allow a greater mix of guests to attend your event. If the event garners cash, you can create a situation that will enable you to earn more for the headcount. 

Keep Your Crowd Longer

ADA-compliant rentals can also extend the time your guests can stay at the event you’re hosting. Your key attendees can stick around for longer because they have bathroom access. 

Benefits of an ADA Porta Potty

A variety of benefits come with each set of ADA portable toilets you rent. These are some of the main advantages you’ll get from having them on your site:

Happier Guests

One good thing about having ADA portable potties in place is that your guests will be happy. In fact, they might be so happy that they leave you many positive reviews and refer you to their friends and family.

You’ll want to get those positive messages going because they will bring more people to your business each time. Word-of-mouth is still very powerful, and you can boost the occurrences by offering such access.   

Fewer Safety Issues and Incidents

Your guests will most likely experience fewer safety issues and incidents if you provide them with access to handicapped bathrooms. Those guests won’t have to struggle with anything. Instead, they’ll be able to use the restroom easily when needed. 

Fully Compliant Events

You can rest assured knowing that your events comply with state and federal regulations if you have the appropriate number of accessible restrooms available. That’s an excellent reason to invest as well.  

Where To Find an ADA-Accessible Toilet in Chattanooga, TN 

You can find high-quality portable ADA restrooms at a reliable porta-potty rental company. Pit Stop Portables is a fantastic place to go because they have been in business since 1964.

Thus, they are veterans in the porta potty business and can ensure that you receive the best quality units if you need to rent them for your event. You can contact the company for inquiries and quotes at your earliest convenience. 

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