How To Help an Aging Parent When They Need a Porta Potty

December 30, 2022

If you have an aging parent, you might need to help them to perform certain daily tasks. For example, you might need to assist this person when they need to go to the bathroom.

This task might be necessary at home or at an event with public portable bathrooms for the elderly. Here’s some helpful information if you need some guidance for helping your aging parent.

Things To Consider When Helping an Aging Parent

There are some things you’ll need to consider when you are helping your aging parent. 

How Frequently They Will Need You

You will need to know how frequently your aging relative will need you to provide care. Thus, you must develop a schedule and then help that person according to that schedule. Alternatively, you can ask your parent to inform you when an important date approaches.

Which Tasks They Can and Can’t Perform

You’ll need to be aware of which movements or tasks they have trouble performing and what you will need to do to ensure those tasks get done. You’ll want to develop a strategy to provide excellent care. 

Which Care Style Will Be Most Helpful

There are different types of styles or tones that you might use with your loved one. You’ll want to choose the right one so that the time you spend with this person is smooth and friendly. Avoid being overbearing because it may alienate your beloved relative. 

General Bathroom Safety Tips and Ideas

These are some safety tips and ideas that will help you care for your elderly family member more effectively:

Add Non-Slip Items

You might want to think about putting a non-slip mat on the floor or in the bathtub. The mat will keep your loved one safe and prevent unnecessary slips and falls that can cause severe injuries.  

Ensure There’s No Clutter

Make sure you remove all the clutter from the bathroom area. The less bathroom clutter you have, the less likely your loved one is to experience an accident. 

Add a Bath Chair

A bath chair can make the experience safer and more comfortable for your loved one. You can help them get seated right before a long and relaxing bath. 

Install Some Grab Bars

Grab bars are another idea if you want to keep the bathroom extra safe. They will be there if your loved one needs them one day. 

Consider Using a Monitor

Another idea is to use a monitor to give your loved one privacy while still watching out for their well-being. That way, you can react quickly if you can hear what’s going on in the bathroom. 

Design Features To Consider When Choosing a Portable Potty

There are many porta potty design features to choose from if you want to help your loved one. Raised bars are one feature you might be interested in. Some porta potties come with them so that the older person can easily sit down.

If your loved one has a wheelchair, you can request a unit with wider spacing so they can easily get through. Many more features are available for you to request as well.

Contact Pit Stop Portables if you would like to locate the best porta potty for the elderly to use in the public or private areas. The company has years of experience to help you confidently choose the unit for your family member.

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