How To Rent a Porta Potty for an Extended Period of Time

December 20, 2022

Certain circumstances might require you to set up a portal potty at your home, facility, or event for an extended period. The following is helpful information about long term porta potty rental, what to consider, and who you should talk to about renting one.

What Is Extended Porta Potty Rental?

An extended portal potty rental is a situation where a client needs to rent portal potties for several weeks or an entire season. An excellent example of this situation is porta potty rental for construction site activities. Some companies need to rent them for several months while construction workers build new offices. 

Buying a Porta Potty vs. Renting a Porta Potty

You might be considering buying a portal potty as opposed to renting one. Whether this option is suitable depends on your unique circumstances. If you buy a porta potty, you’ll need to be mindful of some of the laws you may have to adhere to.

Also, you will need to find a way to have your waste removed. The unit will be your responsibility 100 percent. On the other hand, all services will be taken care of for you if you rent your portable restroom. People will visit your site and perform bathroom maintenance tasks for you, and the company will remove the waste.

They will also deliver the portable toilets to your location and remove them once you no longer need them. Buying a portable restroom makes sense if you need one for a super long period, like more than six months. Renting makes sense if you want all the conveniences.

What To Consider Before Renting a Long-Term Porta Potty

These are some things you’ll need to consider before renting a portable potty:

How Long You’ll Need the Potty

The first thing to consider is how long you will need to rent the portable potties. That will help you decide whether a long-term rental is right for you. A long-term rental is likely right for you if you need the potties for more than two weeks. 

How Many Potties You’ll Need 

Consider how many portable potties you need for your event. That will make a massive difference in buying or renting these items. 

How Often Does a Long-Term Porta Potty Need To Be Cleaned?

Long-term portable potties need to be cleaned at least once a week. If you rent one, the service provider will send someone to clean the interior, sanitize, and remove the accumulated waste. 

How Many Units Should You Rent for One Event?

Typically, you will want to rent one portable potty for each 50 to 100 people. You’ll also need to check and be mindful of ADA-compliance rules and how to handle them. 

Are Permits Required for a Long-Term Rental?

Depending on where you hold the event, you may need to get a permit. You’ll most likely need to do that if you hold your event at a state park or a community center.

How To Rent a Long-Term Portable Potty

Reach out to Pit Stop Portables to inquire about long-term portable potty rentals. You can trust their expertise, as they’ve been in the business for over 50 years. A representative will let you know how much it will cost you for the rental time and which amenities and services you’ll receive. 

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