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The Dos and Don’ts of Porta Potty Placement

September 24, 2019

Location, location, location! It’s a mantra commonly heard in the real estate business, but it works pretty well when talking about portable restrooms, too. The truth is that renting a porta potty in Chattanooga, TN is easy, but finding the perfect place for it at your event site isn’t. There is a lot to consider. For example, will disabled users have equal access? Will the toilets be safe from vandals if left unattended overnight? Will delivery teams be able to drop them off and pick them up easily? Here are some quick and easy rules to follow to make sure... View Article

When Your Backyard Is Packed, Don’t Let Your Bathroom Be!

September 4, 2019

Whether you’re planning a surprise party for one of your family members or you’re hosting a neighborhood barbecue, your backyard is a great place to entertain guests. Depending on how big your yard is, you may be able to comfortably fit dozens of guests in your space. While you might not think about making arrangements for restroom accommodations for a party that takes place just steps from your home, it’s worth it to consider renting a porta potty in Chattanooga, TN for larger backyard parties. Why rent a porta potty? With your house so close, what’s the point of renting... View Article

What You Should Know About Renting a Construction Porta Potty in Chattanooga, TN

August 21, 2019

On a construction site, safety should always be the top priority. The use of heavy machinery and exposure to adverse outdoor conditions can create some challenges and hazards for workers and site managers alike. There are a lot of different federal, state and local requirements that are designed to keep workers safe, and these requirements cover just about everything on a job site, including the availability of restroom facilities. Read on to find out more about renting a construction porta potty in Chattanooga, TN and how you can be sure that you comply with the relevant requirements. OSHA standards The... View Article

What to Do When a Porta Potty Tips Over

August 7, 2019

If you have a porta potty at your gathering, community festival or construction site, you’re likely thankful for the ease and convenience it provides you. Rather than having to clean bathrooms yourself, or refer guests and employees to a location offsite, you can instead simply rent out a porta potty and let your guests do their thing. However, even the best porta potties can still encounter some trouble. If your portable bathroom rental in Chattanooga, TN ends up being tipped over by accident, it could spill waste and chemicals out over the ground and grass. This might pose a health... View Article

The History of Porta Potties

July 24, 2019

Throughout human history, people have had to go to the bathroom. While many ancient peoples had different ways of disposing of their bodily waste relatively safely and effectively, the Romans perfected what we now think of as a modern sewer system. This provided people with fixed toilet holes on which to do their business that eventually drained into a common sewer. While these sewer systems suited urban populations well, it became obvious that it was still necessary to find solutions for people to use bathrooms out of doors and in more rural locations. For centuries, the answer to this quandary... View Article

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