Are Portable Toilets Safe During the Pandemic?

July 19, 2021

You’ve heard a lot about social distancing, sanitizing and other precautions during the pandemic. What about porta potties and COVID-19? Is it safe to use one of these portable restrooms when the virus is still active and spreading? Consider the following tips for portable restroom safety to guide your use of porta potties.

Is it okay that they don’t flush?

Research shows that flushing a toilet can actually be less sanitary than not flushing it. When a toilet flushes, it creates an aerosol that spreads the toilet contents into the surrounding air. Closing the lid will prevent this spread, but many public toilets don’t have lids.

Regarding portable restroom safety, the waste in a portable potty is safe while it remains under the blue water that’s in the tank. This water is treated with chemicals that kill viruses and bacteria, so when the toilet is not flushed, all the germs will remain inside the tank.

What about ventilation?

Portable restroom safety standards require that each unit have screens and a ventilation pipe for proper airflow. If the temperature outside is high and there is little wind, the interior of the unit may develop an unpleasant odor. However, the smell does not indicate unsanitary or unsafe conditions. That said, a foul odor may indicate the unit is overdue for cleaning and emptying, if the waste has crossed above the threshold of the treated water in the tank.

Should I close the lid?

Closing the lid keeps odors inside the tank and moves them out the ventilation pipe, so it is best to close the lid after use. Simply take a piece of toilet paper to protect your hand while you touch the lid, then dispose of the paper in the trash can.

What changes have been made due to COVID-19?

The biggest change in the porta potty industry since COVID-19 has been the demand for handwashing stations. In the past, people often turned down the option to get a handwashing station with their porta potty rental. Now, it has become more common to get both. Service requests for cleaning of porta potties has also increased. Handwashing still remains a top solution to protect yourself from germs when using public restrooms, whether portable or indoors.

What’s the bottom line?

If you’re in a public place where the restroom options are limited to porta potties, there is no reason to avoid it more than any other public restroom. Take the precautions mentioned above, including thorough handwashing after use. This is the best way to navigate porta potties and COVID-19.

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