Do Porta Potties Help The Environment?

April 20, 2023

Do Porta Potties Help The Environment?

Portable restrooms are a necessity for outdoor events and construction sites. But do they help the environment?

Saves Water

While many people associate porta potties with their unpleasant appearance, there are several ways that these toilets help the environment. They save water, reduce the spread of disease, and protect plant life from human waste. The chemicals in porta potties are safe for humans and the environment. They also mask odors and prevent the spread of germs. And while porta potties do save water, they can be expensive. So, it’s important to rent them only when they’re needed and not to overuse them.

Reduces Pollution

Fortunately, porta potties are becoming more environmentally friendly as technology advances. This includes the use of biocides to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and enzymes that break down organic matter more quickly. They’re also less water-intensive than traditional toilets, which means they save millions of gallons of water every day across the country. Another way that porta potties reduce pollution is by preventing the leakage of waste into the ground. Other types of porta potties require waste to be disposed of manually, which can take time and lead to environmental issues. When an event ends, sanitation workers vacuum the waste out of the porta-potty and transfer it to a large truck equipped with a waste storage unit and a freshwater tank. The truck then delivers it to a municipal treatment plant where it is disposed of along with waste from traditional plumbing systems.

Protects Wildlife

In addition to saving water, porta potties also help the environment by protecting plant life from the salts in human urine. This can destroy trees, bushes and grasses if left untreated. And aside from the obvious problem of contaminating natural water sources with human waste, it can also spread through the hooves and paws of animals. Additionally, it can infect insects that are living in the environment. This is especially true if the humans removing the waste have fecal diseases like salmonella and norovirus, which are easily passed from person to insect or animal. By renting portable restrooms, event organizers and worksite managers can avoid these problems!

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