The Steps Taken To Clean A Porta Potty

October 25, 2022

You know that porta potties are amazingly convenient, and they help major events progress more smoothly. However, you might not know how they work or who cleans them and keeps them sanitized. These are some commonly asked questions about porta potty maintenance and some information about what happens to the waste. 

Who Cleans Portapotties?

Usually, porta potty rental companies have specially-trained sanitation workers who service the units for their customers. These individuals come out and perform cleaning duties at the appropriate intervals, depending on the amount of time the customers reserve their units for. The sanitation workers may also be responsible for restocking toilet paper, toiletries, and other items that come with the portable restroom packages. 

How Are Porta Potties Cleaned?

You might think cleaning porta potties is simple, like one’s home toilet, but it’s much more complex. The sanitation workers must first empty the tank before it gets close to becoming full. To perform this task, they use a portapotty vacuum machine. The vacuum machine is connected to a storage bin located in the sanitation worker’s truck. 

Once the sanitation worker empties the tank, the next step is adding fresh water to the potty and mixing it in a blue solution that kills bacteria and eliminates odors. The final part of the process is scrubbing the urinals, cleaning the seats, and doing the rest of those not-so-favorable restroom cleaning jobs. 

Where Does Porta Potty Waste Go?

The porta potty waste that comes from the units goes to a particular plant where it gets treated with more chemicals and neutralized. In some areas, the waste may go into the sewer system or a landfill. Porta-potty rental companies can explain how the process works according to your municipality. 

Do Porta Potties Have Special Features?

Porta potties have many outstanding features to accommodate you and your guests. One feature you may get is the unisex option. In other words, the porta potty you rent might have a urinal and a potty in the same unit, making it easier for everyone to gain access to facilities. 

Potty rental providers also have luxury units with a wealth of helpful features like vanity mirrors, sinks, accessories, and other items. Thus, you can make your special event as elaborate or basic as you want it to be.   

How Do You Rent a Porta Potty?

You’ll need to contact an established provider to rent a portable restroom and inquire about their available units and pricing. You’ll explain a little bit about your upcoming event, and the consultant will match your needs with the available units.

You can choose to rent from the provider if you find a portable restroom you appreciate and you have an upcoming event. The most important part of renting portable potties is finding a reliable provider who can promise you quality maintenance, customer service, and care. 

Pit Stop Portables has assisted business and personal clients and provided portable restrooms to the Hamilton County, TN, community for 40 years. Contact their office for porta potty rentals or garbage disposal bins for your next event. 

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