The Top 5 Benefits of Having a Porta Potty at Your Tailgate

September 20, 2022

If you are considering renting portable toilets for your next tailgate, then you will be happy to discover all the benefits portable bathroom rentals offer. There are a few things to consider when choosing portable bathroom rentals, but the advantages of renting portable toilets for your next tailgate will benefit you and your guests.

Considerations for Using Portable Bathroom Rentals

Portable bathrooms will require a stable foundation, such as a grassy area or concrete platform. Any area you can build a permanent structure on will typically suffice. 

You will also want to consider the expected foot traffic at your event, party, or tailgate. The good news is that portable bathrooms are easy to relocate, so moving one to a more practical location isn’t a problem.

Benefits of Having a Porta Potty at Your Event, Party, or Tailgate

Having someplace to go when you have to go is simply what bathrooms are for, but there are many benefits to using portable bathroom and luxury restroom trailers. Here are a few of the top benefits and advantages of porta potty services.


If you expect many people, that also means the risk of long lines at the restroom. That is, of course, unless you use portable bathroom rental services. Keep your party going, the tailgate rocking, and your guests happy by offering convenient restroom access.

Home Traffic

Even a few extra people can greatly increase the foot traffic in and through your home on the way to the bathroom. If you are having a party, event, or tailgate for the big game, there could be a lot of wear and tear on the homestead and the restroom facilities. Using portable bathroom rentals solves both concerns by eliminating those bathroom runs inside the house.

Water Use

It takes much less water to flush a porta potty than it does your bathroom toilet. The math on this one is pretty simple, and using portable bathroom rentals equates to saving money and the environment.


Having many people using the same bathroom can present some obvious sanitary concerns. Portable bathrooms and luxury restroom trailers alleviate these concerns and offer your guests cleaner and more sanitary options.

Clean Up

If you have ever thrown a party, you are well aware of the havoc a bathroom can endure and the cleanup that inevitably follows. Eliminate the work, headache, and unpleasantness of bathroom cleaning with porta potty services. 


Another added benefit of portable bathroom rentals worth highlighting is that they don’t require or use much space. So you don’t need much room or worry about them taking up too much space while offering all the benefits of portables.

If you are hosting a party, event, or tailgate and are considering portable bathroom rentals or luxury restroom trailers, we can help. Contact us at Pit Stop Portables to learn more or to schedule your next porta potty service today. 

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