Portable Restrooms: How To Make Them More Comfortable

September 30, 2022

You’re already halfway there if you’ve made the decision to rent porta potties for your next event. Now you need to think of creative ways to make those stalls more inviting and exciting for your patrons. These are some tips for creating an inviting atmosphere within your porta potty rental:

Rent Luxury Trailers

Invest a little bit more money in portable restroom rentals and request units that have extra features and amenities. For example, you can ask for luxury trailers that offer unisex usage, vanity mirrors, double sinks, etc. The goal is to make your guests feel as "at home" as possible. 

Add Some Accessories

You can add some accessories that the portable potty company doesn’t necessarily offer. For example, you can add some cute little rugs so that your guests will enjoy a home-like experience. 

Use Fresh Aromas

Another idea to make the potty rooms comfier is adding some fresh aromas. Throw in some aromatherapy candles so that each guest will get a whiff of a soothing smell to help them enjoy the event and the rest of their day or night. They will surely remember that you put extra items in there to help them enjoy themselves. 

Get Frequent Servicing

The more you have each potty serviced, the cleaner they will be. Ensure that you request frequent servicing and that your guests will have cleanliness in their memory. They will also appreciate that you took the time to ensure that the staff’s cleaning efforts diminished the risk of them catching viruses and other illnesses. Things that seem like little things are oftentimes huge to patrons.  

Set It Up in a Sunny or Pretty Spot

Where you have the restroom placed is as important as the elements you add to it to make it more appealing. A sunny spot is one of the most appealing locations where you can place a portable potty; therefore, you should seek such a spot. If you can also find an area with gorgeous trees or plants, that will be an added bonus for your visitors. 

Avoid Potential Ice Patches

Avoid spots that look like they can develop into an ice patch when the rental company drops off your porta potty. That way, you’ll reduce the risk of an accident occurring and being the object of a personal injury claim. Any spot that looks like it could pool water is where you don’t want to launch your portable potty. 

Use Heaters When It’s Cold

It will be wise to use portable heaters if you’re in an area where it’s extremely cold. Installing portable heaters is the perfect way to let your visitors know how much you care about their well-being and comfort. 

Use some of the above-mentioned tips to make your portable toilet welcoming. By doing so, you will ensure that you get more patronage the next time you have an event. Your guests will remember the extra effort you put into their restroom experiences and trust you enough to revisit next time.  

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