How to Keep Your Porta Potty Clean

April 15, 2022

People do not often think of porta potties as clean. In fact, they have a reputation for being the opposite. However, there are ways that people who rent porta potties can keep them cleaner and in better shape for their users.

How to Clean a Porta Potty

You can keep a porta potty clean if you take a few basic lessons away about how to make this happen. What you need to start with is disinfecting the inside of the porta potty completely. It is necessary to do so because you want to make sure that anyone who is cleaning the area does not accidentally get sick from something that existed in there before they went in to clean it. This kind of thing can happen, and it can be a legitimate threat to the health and safety of the person who ends up getting the job of cleaning these things. In short, it is important to start by keeping your workers safe. 

Cleaning Supplies That You Will Need

 Another one of the tips for cleaning a porta potty is that you use the deepest cleaning products that you can find. This includes products, such as:

  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Sanitation wipes
  • Gloves (don’t forget to wear them when cleaning a porta potty)
  • Mildew remover
  • Magic eraser

You don’t necessarily have to use all of these cleaning products specifically, but it is probably a good idea to keep them handy for the deepest cleaning that you will need to do. The odors that are associated with porta potties are real, and it is a necessity to use very powerful cleaning products to get the stink out of these areas. You need to use the strongest stuff you can find so you know for a fact that the odors will be taken out. Anything less than this is not going to cut it for you. 

Keeping a Porta Potty Clean

Cleaning the porta potty is one thing, but keeping it clean is something else altogether. You need everyone who uses that toilet to pitch in and do their part to keep it clean, and that is not always easy to convince some people to do. The fact remains that some are simply unwilling to be good stewards of the resources that are provided to them, and that is a real shame. We all need to step up and do better to show our gratitude to those who go through a lot to make sure we have adequate resources available to us on the job. 

Keep odor control supplies well-stocked and available near the porta potties at all times. This will at least help make people think twice before they leave a mess in there. If the tools that they need to take care of the problem are assessable to them, then they ought to be able to keep the bathroom clean more easily. 

What you do NOT want to run into when trying to keep a porta potty clean is a situation where people can honestly say that they did not have the tools they needed to do their part to keep things clean. That should never come up because there should always be appropriate tools available to them whenever they need them. Make sure you keep things well-stocked so there are no excuses going forward. If you can do that, then you have covered your bases and made sure everyone has what they need.

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