Top Fun Facts About Porta Potties

March 2, 2022

Using an outside toilet isn’t always a fun experience. Fortunately, modern portable toilets have solved many of the problems of years past, including bad odors. Luxury portable restrooms have changed the game, offering everything from flushable toilets to handwashing stations and indoor lighting.

Read on to find out more about porta potties and their history.

Portable toilets have been around for 80 years

It makes sense that portable toilets are evolving. They date all the way back to World War II. Back then, they were used for restroom breaks to maximize efficiency at shipyards. These early porta potties were made of either wood or metal. Inside was a small tank for waste.

Since then, they’ve changed considerably. Today’s portable toilets use a system that greatly reduces bad odors via airflow for a more pleasant experience.

Outside toilets are surprisingly sanitary

Many people think of porta potties as being less sanitary than indoor bathrooms, but the reality is that this is a myth. In fact, the opposite is true: Portable toilets are typically cleaner than indoor public restrooms. That’s in part because they’re cleaned more often.

Porta potties are good for the environment

Unlike indoor toilets, porta potties don’t need much water to operate. As you can’t flush a porta potty, they use up to 90 percent less water than an indoor restroom.

Portable toilets are essential for disaster relief

When catastrophe strikes, portable toilets play a big role in the recovery effort. They’re used for volunteers, evacuees, first responders and more. They’re very useful, especially when people are displaced by natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and earthquakes. If the water system is no longer working or has been contaminated, indoor bathrooms aren’t an option, so porta potties are necessary.

The reason behind the blue liquid

You’ve probably noticed that portable toilets use blue liquid. There’s actually a reason behind this. The blue is from a deodorizing dye. The coloring disguises the waste in the tank. This liquid contains biocides that eliminate bacteria.

Luxury porta potties are increasingly popular

If you want to impress your guests, then consider paying a bit more for a high-end portable restroom. They’re more spacious than standard portable toilets, and you can choose from a range of amenities that will make everyone more comfortable. This includes everything from mirrors and electrical outlets to heating and air conditioning.

Portable toilets make events run well

It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a wedding, running a construction site or organizing a festival. Clean, quality portable toilets will make the event run better. Hiring a reliable company to provide portable toilets will mean your guests have a pleasant experience throughout. Make sure that you have enough so that the lines stay short.

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