How Are Porta Potties Made?

March 18, 2022

Finding a portable toilet can be a lifesaver when you are out and about and about and nature calls. Maybe you are cringing about having to use a portable toilet. Your hesitation is quite understandable given the bad reputation that the portable toilets of past years have built. However, today, things are much better, and the experience of using a portable toilet is almost as similar to using a typical indoor toilet, thanks to innovative brands. You can find Porta Potties restrooms that are odor-free, flushable, interior lighting, and hand washing station – some fitted to trailers. Here’s all you need to know about how Porta Potties are made.

Creating Portable Bathrooms

The most common construction material for Porta Potties is polyurethane plastic. This material is preferred because it’s easy to make and clean. Some manufacturers create their portable bathrooms with HPDE, a recyclable material and environmentally friendly. Although different manufacturers might have slightly varying steps for making their portable restrooms, here is the baseline guide.

  1. The process starts with heating the plastic pellets until they melt.
  2. Additives like colorants and UV protectants are mixed into the plastic
  3. The resulting material is put through rollers which press it into sheets that are cut to a specific length and width
  4. At this point, the plastic sheet could be reheated and put into a mold to be vacuum pressed for some time. This creates the panel units.
  5. Other parts of the Porta Potties, like the cleats and toilet paper dispensers, can be created utilizing CNC machines or injection molding.
  6. Holes are drilled into the panels, and the units are assembled in the desired form.
  7.  The newly created portable restrooms are inspected, clean, and prepared for shipping to the market.

Porta Potty trailers allow for easy transportation and set up of the portable washrooms to the desired location. Moreover, the trailers offer a more feature-packed bathroom experience as the trailer bed provides the room for mounting more stuff. This makes the portable restrooms more suitable for an event where one aims to provide a more comfortable and luxurious bathroom experience. However, making Porta Potty trailers is not very much different from ordinary portable washrooms. You should know that you might have to include piping for running water in your setup.

Do You Need Help With Portable Toilets?

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