Why Choose Luxury Portable Bathrooms Instead of Porta Potties?

February 17, 2022

High-end portable restrooms have become an increasingly popular alternative to porta potties. Like with so many things in life, what you pay for is what you get here. If you need a reliable, inexpensive choice, then go for porta potties—but if you want your guests to be happy and comfortable, spending a bit more on luxury portable restrooms is a smart idea.

Let’s take a closer look at both of these outside toilet options so you have a better sense of what to choose for your situation.

Interior space

Typically, portable bathrooms hold a single person, and they’re not terribly comfortable to be in. You go in, do what you need to do, then get out. People who require amenities like handicap accessibility or a family restroom are out of luck.

High-end portable restrooms provide an alternative that will please everyone. Whether it’s providing space for those with mobility issues or a changing table for families with infants, these restroom trailers offer more space. They can be particularly useful in instances like weddings and road races, where people need a bit more space to change clothes or freshen up.


Porta potties are as basic as it gets. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a hand sanitizer station, along with, of course, a toilet and toilet paper—but maybe you want to provide people with a bit more than that. A luxury portable restroom can include items like running water and indoor lighting, allowing for ease of use any time of day. You can include mirrors as well as flushing toilets, which will prevent the buildup of odor.


Most porta potties are designed for one person to use them at a time. This leads to lines to use the restroom, which is not how your guests want to spend their time. Springing for a high-end portable restroom means you can accommodate more people at once, leading to less wait times. You can tailor the bathroom’s size to your specific needs, whether it’s for a festival or a long-term construction job.


In the cold winter months, using a porta potty is even more uncomfortable, as people will have to brave the frigid temperatures. Using one of these outdoor toilets during the summer is no picnic either, as the buildup of odors becomes worse.

Luxury outdoor restrooms come with optional heating and cooling. This will allow your guests to use the bathroom comfortably no matter what time of year.

There are, of course, instances where a basic porta potty will get the job done. For a small gathering or for those on a tight budget, they may be the right choice, but you can impress people and provide additional comfort by offering luxury portable restrooms.

For all of your outside toilet needs, turn to Pit Stop Portables. We’ve been delivering and servicing clean, well-maintained portable bathrooms for more than four decades. Call us day or night for luxury trailer rentals, portable potty sets and more. Contact us right now to learn more and ask for a free quote.

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