Understanding Porta Potties and Cold Weather

December 27, 2021

It’s cold outside—which causes plenty of people to wonder if you can use porta potties in the winter. The answer is yes, although it may take a little extra care and consideration. While the mercury is dropping, people still need to use clean and accessible restrooms at events.

Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, festival or sporting event, it’s wise to understand how cold weather can affect your porta potty rentals.

How cold weather affects porta potties

The main concern when using porta potties in winter is ensuring that the holding tank doesn’t freeze. You might know that the holding tank contains sanitizers and deodorizers, which keep waste from smelling and bacteria from spreading. It’s important that the tank and chemicals stay liquid to accomplish this goal.

Some porta potties are equipped with heaters, which can ensure that the holding tank doesn’t freeze during a multiday event; however, if you’re considering a short-term rental, that’s not as necessary, as it would be during a longer event where the temperature regularly dips below freezing.

Weather conditions can also affect your porta potties. Snow, rain, wind and hail can make it more difficult to anchor and use your portable restrooms. Ensuring proper placement is the key to enjoying the use of your porta potties, so make sure to place them on a flat, level surface. If the area is prone to flooding, look for an elevated spot, preferably next to a building. Placing porta potties against a wall ensures that the wind won’t knock them over and cause a big mess.

If it’s snowing, keep a deicer on hand, and prepare to clean and service the porta potties regularly. Your rental company can help you determine what kind of service and maintenance needs you’ll have. They may provide solutions or services to keep your porta potties usable throughout the entire event.

Other considerations

When you’re deciding how many toilets to rent and where to place them, make sure to take snowplow paths into account. It’s important that your restrooms are accessible to your guests, which means that snowplows need to be able to maneuver around the area without blocking the restrooms themselves.

When it’s cold, snowy or icy outside, it’s wise to salt the ground around the porta potties. This will ensure that your guests can safely access the outdoor restrooms without danger of slipping and falling on hidden ice. Be sure that the pathways are well lit, especially if you’re hosting a nighttime event. The last thing you need is someone getting injured when they’re in a hurry to get to the bathroom.

Winter porta potty rentals

When you need porta potties in the winter, be sure to contact the team at Pit Stop Portables. We’ll gladly walk you through the entire process, from how many restrooms you’ll need and where to place them to how to keep them safe and clean even when it’s snowing outside. Our staff is happy to help you with any questions and requests you may have about a porta potty and cold weather. Call us today to get started.

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