Porta Potties and Holiday Parties

December 13, 2021

There might not be any holiday music about how great it is to have clean, safe and accessible bathrooms at your holiday parties, but maybe there should be. When you’re planning your holiday parties this year, don’t forget to rent porta potties for your guests. The more everyone eats and drinks, the more they’ll be grateful for plentiful portable restrooms.

Somewhere between the decorations, the catering, the gifts and the guests, we forget about one very basic need: porta potties for parties. Don’t leave your guests to languish in long bathroom lines; instead, rent porta potties for your next holiday event, and rest assured that everyone will enjoy the party that much more.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect with a porta potty rental:

  • Plenty of portable restroom options: While we’re all familiar with the regular fiberglass porta potty setup, you’re not limited to a row of utilitarian restrooms. There are also luxury restroom trailers, which feature running water, flushing toilets, vanities and lighting. Whether you choose a basic option or a restroom trailer, you can get the size, quality and number of restrooms you need on demand.
  • Save yourself the cleanup: The bigger (and more fun) the party, the more you’ll need to clean up. With porta potties and restroom trailers, you can cut down on the post-holiday party cleanup tasks. Our team will deliver and set up your restrooms and then haul them away and clean them up afterwards. You won’t have to lift a finger—at least when it comes to the bathroom facilities. That might be the greatest gift of all.
  • Easy outdoor access: Many people are hosting holiday events outdoors, whether due to COVID-19 or simply because there’s more space. Portable restrooms are a great option for this purpose. Simply place the restrooms on a flat, level space (preferably next to a building), and your guests will be able to easily access clean, safe restrooms whenever they need them.
  • Accessible units available: Not everyone is able to navigate regular porta potties and restroom trailers. If you need accessible restrooms for your holiday bash, we have plenty of ADA-compliant units available. We’re also happy to help you determine how many units you’ll need based on the size and type of party you’re hosting.
  • Keep your bathroom and home private: Finally, if you’re hosting a holiday party at home, porta potties can help keep your bathroom and home private. Limiting access to your private spaces means you’ll have less to clean up after the guests go home, and you can keep your bathroom cabinets, bedrooms and other areas away from nosy relatives. Renting portable restrooms ensures that there’s plenty of opportunity for people to do their business far away from your business.

Whatever type of portable restrooms you choose, your guests will be grateful to avoid long bathroom lines. Get into the giving spirit, and give them the bathrooms they need: Rent your own porta potties or luxury restroom trailers with the Pit Stop Portables team. We’ll make your pre-party planning and post-party cleanup so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t try porta potties and holiday parties sooner. Call today to get started.

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