Should You Get a Portable Toilet for Your Wedding?

September 30, 2021

Should you have portable bathrooms for a wedding? Some people have the wrong idea when it comes to portable toilets—not all portable toilets are like the ones you’ve seen at county fairs and similar events. There are plenty of options for luxury portable toilets, which are perfect for graduation parties, anniversaries—and, yes—even weddings.

Read on for several reasons why you should rent porta potties for a wedding.

Not all wedding venues have nearby bathrooms

These days, many couples stray away from the traditional church wedding. Some even choose to host their wedding in a remote setting, like the woods. The problem is that sometimes these venues don’t have many nearby restroom options. You don’t want your guests to be uncomfortable the whole time. Provide a nice place for your wedding guests to use the bathroom in between events by investing in several clean portable toilets.

Will you have an open bar?

It’s well known that when people drink alcohol, they tend to have to use the bathroom more. This could lead to guests taking up all the indoor bathroom stalls. Avoid this by adding a few outdoor portable toilets to your event. This will be especially helpful if all wedding events take place outdoors, as guests won’t constantly need to go back inside to use the bathroom.

Portable toilets keep things sanitary

You don’t want anyone getting sick after attending your wedding. A few well-placed portable toilets and sanitation stations could help prevent the spread of germs. A reputable portable toilet provider will ensure that their products are completely cleaned and sanitized before delivery.

Portable sanitation stations feature everything guests will need to clean themselves, including flowing water, paper towels and soap dispensers. Be sure to ask about all the sanitation options offered by any portable toilet company you plan on working with.

More about luxury toilet trailers

Luxury portable bathrooms aren’t like traditional porta potties. These luxury trailers feature everything one might need to comfortably use the bathroom, including flushing toilets, sinks, mirrors and much more. One of the best things about luxury portable bathrooms is that they feature much more room than a traditional porta potty. They also offer plenty of privacy and scent control.

Luxury toilet trailers are more affordable than one might think—just be sure to work with a reputable portable toilet provider. Some companies even offer free delivery and pickup service.

Be sure to invest in enough portable toilets

Consider your guest list before renting portable toilets. If you have a large number of guests attending your wedding, you’ll want to invest in more than one or two portable toilets. Investing in the right number of toilets will prevent guests from having to wait forever just to use the bathroom.

As you can see, porta potties are a great option for many types of weddings. If you need help deciding on the right type and number of portable toilets for your event, speak with the experts at Pit Stop Portables. We have years of experience in providing portable toilets for all sorts of different events. Be sure to check out the luxury portable toilet options that we offer!

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