Reasons You Need a Portable Toilet at Your Event

August 2, 2021

Yes, it’s an extra expense for your event. Yes, it requires some effort to set up the rental and delivery. Yes, it’s worth it. If you’re debating whether you should rent an event porta potty, consider the following reasons to move forward with the rental.

It’s a necessity

If there are no permanent restrooms at your event site, you need an event porta potty. They are essential for your guests’ comfort. Imagine trying to host an event that lasts longer than an hour and expecting guests to comfortably attend without access to a restroom. It’s simply not realistic.

You may also want to consider the level of comfort you can provide to your guests. You can upgrade your selection from a standard event porta potty to a luxury portable restroom trailer. These are often ideal for settings such as weddings. The trailers offer climate-controlled conditions and additional space.

It’s a requirement

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, most municipalities require that you provide an event porta potty. Keep in mind that these regulations may stipulate where you can place the restroom. Follow all permit and servicing guidelines, which will vary by location. If you do not adhere to these local standards, you may receive a fine. To check on local regulations, consult with your local event porta potty provider, who has expertise in this area.

It’s safer

Part of your event porta potty rental will include handwashing options. We’re living in an age where sanitation and infection prevention is a top priority and in the forefront of everyone’s mind. You can rent a porta potty with quality handwashing stations to keep everyone at your event safe and healthy. Restroom trailers even offer running water for settings that have hookups available.

It keeps things clean

When you provide at least one event porta potty, you will help keep the surroundings clean. With no restroom availability, it’s likely that guests will be tempted to relieve themselves elsewhere. To keep your surroundings clean and safe, always provide an event porta potty for your guests.

So… how many portable toilets do I need?

Now that you understand porta potties and the reasons you need to rent one, it’s important to also know how many units you should rent for your event. The American Restroom Association has developed a helpful formula to determine this number:

  • You should absolutely rent at least one toilet for every 300 people. That said, to enjoy shorter lines and increased comfort, rent one for every 50 people.
  • If your event attendees are primarily women and children, increase this number to at least one toilet for every 200 people.
  • If adults will be drinking alcohol at the event, rent at least one toilet for every 240 people.

Keep in mind that it always pays to rent more portable toilets than the minimum—it’ll keep your guests comfortable and happy!

We are your rental experts

For quality porta potty rentals and excellence in service, contact the team at Pit Stop Portables. We’ve been serving the area with top portable restroom solutions since 1964. We offer prompt and reliable service and are dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction. We offer free delivery and pickup within 24 hours of each order. Call us today to speak with a friendly member of our staff at 423-894-9994.

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