How Do Maintenance Crews Handle Porta Potty Cleaning?

August 30, 2021

Proper porta potty sanitation is critical for ensuring cleanliness in porta potties and the health of their users, and to prevent the condition of porta potties from causing a poor experience.

Porta potty cleaning is a dirty job, but it’s required to prevent overuse and potential health and sanitation issues. Here’s a quick overview of how it’s typically done by maintenance crews from portable restroom companies.

Cleaning porta potties

At large outdoor events, particularly multi-day events, it’s necessary for cleaning crews to come in and clean at least once a day, usually at night after the event is over or early in the morning before the event starts up again.

There are four primary steps to the cleaning process:

  • Waste removal: Crews bring in a sanitation truck, equipped with a specialty vacuum, to remove the waste from the tank. The vacuum sucks up all paper and biological waste, emptying the tank. That waste gets transported in the tank on the truck to local water treatment plants.
  • Charging: After the tank is empty, the unit can be charged. The charging process involves adding the blue chemical into the tank in the unit. This chemical is designed both to sanitize the waste and to control odor to create a better experience for the user. Several gallons of this chemical will be added to the holding tank. If that additive begins to develop a green hue, then this is a sign that it needs to be changed again.
  • Scrubbing: Once the tank is taken care of, all surfaces in the rest of the unit will be scrubbed, including the urinals, toilet seats, walls and other fixtures. This kills off any germs or bacteria still lingering inside the unit, and keeps everything fresh and clean. This helps to ensure a safe, healthy and convenient experience for everyone who will use the porta potty.
  • Restocking: There are some supplies in porta potties that may need to be restocked. These include toilet paper, hand sanitizer, soap and towels. Other types of luxury units might have additional items that need to be restocked.

The frequency with which your unit needs to be cleaned depends on the usage level and the number of people using it. A porta potty that sees a lot of use every day might be serviced daily or a couple times a week, but lighter use could allow for weekly service. Porta potties found at fairgrounds, concert venues and other sites of major public gatherings will almost certainly have to be serviced every day, either at the start or end of the day. However, emergency service can be necessary if messes occur or if there is a need for restocking or cleaning.

Interested in learning more about the process of cleaning porta potties and how we ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of all of the rental units we provide? We encourage you to contact Pit Stop Portables today with any questions you have about our services or products. We’re committed to ensuring proper porta potty sanitation and cleanliness for all the clients we serve.

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