How to Keep Porta Potties Properly Ventilated

May 10, 2021

Porta potties are well known for being a convenient solution for essentially every kind of large outdoor event. But there is one persistent problem: portable toilet odor. You may think this is an unavoidable part of porta potties, but the reality is that, with proper ventilation, you can provide a more pleasant experience for your guests. Read on to find out more about porta potty ventilation in Chattanooga, TN.

Can you avoid porta potty odor?

Yes—modern porta potties are designed in an innovative way. If they’re maintained on a regular basis and used properly, they shouldn’t smell any worse than a traditional restroom. That’s because contemporary porta potties are designed to ventilate fumes and thereby greatly reduce the buildup of odors inside the space.

On top of this, utilizing deodorizers helps to eliminate that bad porta potty odor in Chattanooga, TN and reduce the presence of bacteria. If this is combined with regular cleaning and servicing, you should be able to provide a comfortable restroom experience for your guests.

How does portable toilet ventilation work?

Most porta potties do not include an exhaust fan like a traditional bathroom. However, this isn’t essential for removing odors due to the modern portable toilet’s innovative design. Porta potties are made to ventilate odors via a pipe, which limits the smell inside the unit.

The pipe is connected to the holding tank. As hot gases build up, they rise and exit through the pipe. The cooler air outside the tank will also help with drawing out the warmer, higher-pressure air inside the holding tank.

Does the weather affect porta potty ventilation?

When it’s windy out, the ventilation system will be even more effective because the cool air going into the ventilation tube will draw out gases. When the weather is warmer, odors in the holding tank and the porta potty will pile up. But even on hot days in Chattanooga, TN, the portable toilet odor shouldn’t be bad if the toilet seat is left down.

Why is it important for users to keep the seat down?

To stop porta potty odor, it’s important for all users to always put the seat down. When the seat is left up, it’s easy for smells to accumulate within the entire unit. If users remember to put the seat down, then the ventilation pipe from the holding tank to the outdoors is more effective, and smells are greatly reduced. Adding signage that reminds porta potty users to put the seat down is one helpful way to limit the smell.

We hope you’ve found this primer on porta potty vents in Chattanooga, TN useful. Whenever you have a large outdoor event, check out the options available through Pit Stop Portables. We’ve been providing portable toilets, luxury restroom trailers and roll-off dumpster rentals to Chattanooga-area clients for over 50 years. We do it all, from parades and concerts to festivals and weddings.

We always strive to offer prompt and friendly customer service, and we look forward to having you as one of our valued customers. Call us today to learn more and receive a free quote!

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