Why You Need Insurance for Porta Potties

April 26, 2021

Every large event or gathering is required by law to provide sufficient restroom facilities. That’s where portable toilets come in: they act as a convenient, cost-effective way to provide the facilities needed for everyone to enjoy their time. A quality porta potty company will offer clean, well-maintained facilities that guests will be comfortable using.

Each porta potty unit comes with the option for rental insurance. This is necessary if you want to be protected in the event something goes wrong. Read on to find out more about porta potty insurance in Chattanooga, TN and how it can benefit your event.

Stay protected if units are damaged

One of the most common problems is that a portable toilet unit is damaged. If you don’t have insurance, this means you end up getting stuck with the bill. It doesn’t matter if the unit was stolen, vandalized or otherwise damaged—you’ll be the one to pay.

Replacements can be expensive, and often run over $1,000. This is why damage coverage is always recommended—you pay some now to avoid paying a lot more later. A damage waiver can cover everything from accidents to weather events and vandalism.

Don’t assume your location is safe

You may think, because your event is small and in a safe location, that you don’t run much risk. But the fact is that you can’t predict what the weather is going to be like or exactly who will be coming to your large event.

Even if you have security personnel in place, it’s possible the porta potties could be damaged in an accident or during a weather event. Summer thunderstorms, hailstorms and flash floods can all cause damage to portable toilets. That’s why it’s best to pay for insurance ahead of time.

Portable toilets provide a convenient solution

Porta potties have stood the test of time because they provide a simple solution for festivals, concerts, parades and other large outdoor events where public facilities may not be accessible. You can also provide sanitary washing stations, which will help your guests feel safe and hygienic.

When you hire a reputable porta potty company, you get delivery, setup and maintenance all taken care of. Outsourcing this work means you can focus on making sure your event goes off without a hitch. Signing a damage waiver and paying a little now for insurance means that you can rest easy knowing that the restrooms are taken care of in the event of a mishap.

We hope this guide to portable toilet insurance in Chattanooga, TN is helpful. For your next event, check out Pit Stop Portables. We’ve been providing portable toilets, luxury restroom trailers and roll-off dumpster rentals to area clients since 1964.

We’re proud to offer prompt and reliable service, which is how we’ve kept a loyal customer base. Our client relations are the core of our business, and we strive to keep it that way by ensuring free delivery and pickup within 24 hours of each order. Call us today to speak with a friendly member of our staff!

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