Do You Need a Holding Tank for a Porta Potty?

March 24, 2021

Holding tanks are a great option for those needing more time between installing a porta potty and having it emptied. It’s never good when your porta potty starts to completely fill before someone can empty it. The smell could be terrible, and it might leave people without a place to go to the bathroom. That’s why holding tanks are recommended for most porta potties.

If you’re looking for a quality porta potty holding tank in Chattanooga, TN, consider the options offered at Pit Stop Portables.

Are you looking for easier maintenance?

One of the best things about porta potty holding tanks is that they are easy to maintain. A portable toilet technician can easily install and remove your holding tank. It’s also easy to perform any repairs or maintenance on holding tanks when necessary.

Quality holding tanks are designed well and are made from strong materials. The strong design of holding tanks means that cracks and spills aren’t common. Their design also makes it nearly impossible for smells to escape, no matter how full the tank is.

Are cleanliness and environmental friendliness important to you?

When renting a portable toilet holding tank in Chattanooga, TN, you can be sure your porta potty will have a fresh feel for much longer. Keeping porta potties clean is much easier when you have a holding tank, as there won’t always be strong smells coming through. This will help your guests feel clean after using the porta potty.

Another great thing about holding tanks is that they’re better for the environment. Since holding tanks don’t allow for leakage, you won’t have to worry about dangerous chemicals or sewage seeping into the soil.

Plenty of different sizes are available

A porta potty without a holding tank can fill up quite easily, especially if many people are using it. When determining how large of a holding tank you might need, it’s important to think about how many people will be using the porta potty. If there will only be one or two people using it, then you could probably get away with renting a tank that holds five to 10 extra gallons.

It’s usually better to overestimate, as this will prevent guests from using an almost-full porta potty. You won’t want guests or employees complaining about the porta potties. For larger events, consider renting a 250-gallon or 300-gallon tank. This will provide plenty of extra space as well as ample peace of mind.

Holding tanks can be hidden

If you’re worried about people seeing the holding tank for your porta potties, you can have them installed below ground. While not all porta potty companies offer this service, it’s a good option if the service is available. There are also easy ways to hide a porta potty holding tank if need be. A simple tarp or similar cover could easily hide your holding tank.

When having a porta potty installed at your Chattanooga, TN construction site or local event, it’s also important to rent a porta potty holding tank. Contact Pit Stop Portables today for all your porta potty needs.

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