Where Should You Place Your Porta Potties?

February 26, 2021

Renting porta potties should be near the top of your to-do list the next time you’re getting ready to host an outdoor event. After all, you’re going to have some pretty upset guests if there’s nowhere to use the bathroom at the function! But in addition to renting the units, you’ll need to consider portable toilet placement in Chattanooga, TN once they’re delivered to the site.

Simply setting the porta potties down wherever you see fit won’t do. In fact, poor placement can cause just as many problems as not renting enough units. To help ensure your next gathering goes off without a hitch, this post will cover a few of the top things to consider when it comes to porta potty rental and placement:

  • Accessibility: Ensure everyone has an easy time getting to your porta potties! First, can your guests easily walk from the event area to the units, or is it a long and difficult journey? Second, can the rental company easily drop off, service and pick up the units?
  • Even terrain: Whenever possible, we advise placing your units on level and paved ground. Placing porta potties on a rocky or uneven surface can cause big problems if it rains—the units are more difficult to access, and they’ll get dirtier due to the mud.
  • Nearby structures: Ideally, you could put your porta potties under a roof, but we know that’s not always possible. As a second option, try to place them against a permanent structure, such as a wall. This portable toilet placement in Chattanooga, TN will protect them from the wind and reduce their risk of tipping over.
  • Grouping: Placing the restrooms in groups is always beneficial. It’s a good way to prevent side-to-side tipping and it makes it easier for your rental company to service them. Additionally, large banks of porta potties are easy for guests to locate.

Other things to consider

You’ll want to give some careful consideration to a few other things in addition to porta potty placement in Chattanooga, TN. Keeping the following items in mind helps keep guests happy and ensures a successful event:

  • Unit count: The only thing worse than placing your porta potties in the wrong location is failing to rent enough units. We advise renting one portable toilet per 50 guests to ensure the lines are short and the restrooms don’t get too dirty.
  • Preventing tip-overs: Whether it’s due to nasty weather or rowdy guests, porta potty tip-overs aren’t all that uncommon. Even if there isn’t anyone in the unit when it happens, a tipped-over unit is a huge hassle. In addition to placing them in groups or near structures, you’ll want to use stakes or ratchet straps to keep them tied down.

If you need luxury trailers for an upcoming event or standard porta potties for a construction project, be sure to call our team at Pit Stop Portables. With over 55 years of industry experience, we’re experts when it comes to porta potty placement in Chattanooga, TN. Contact us today to get a quote for your units!

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