The Mysterious Blue in Your Porta Potty

October 24, 2020

There are several reasons you might find yourself using a porta potty. Perhaps you’re camping for a weekend, and you just couldn’t stand the thought of using the woods to relieve yourself. Maybe you’re on a construction site, and there isn’t a bathroom nearby. Whatever the reason, when you do find yourself using a portable toilet, you’ll be grateful for the blue porta potty liquid that’s swirling in the bottom of the tank.

What’s the blue liquid for?

Let’s be honest—people absolutely need a place to go, which makes porta potties a fantastic option. However, once that porta potty has been used a few times, it doesn’t smell very nice.

Here’s where the porta potty liquid in Chattanooga, TN, comes in. It’s meant to mask the scent of human waste so that the porta potty remains pleasant to use over several hours.

Today’s blue liquid is actually a marvel of innovation, but that wasn’t always the case.

The evolution of blue

You may not realize it, but porta potties have a history that goes back to World War II, when sailors used them on extended voyages. Of course, back then, the blue liquid used in the porta potty was formaldehyde. Today, scientists realize that formaldehyde is extremely toxic to both the environment and humans. Formaldehyde can poison aquatic food chains and has been connected to cancer growth. When exposed to formaldehyde, children and the elderly are especially at risk.

Fortunately, as the world has discovered the harm of climate change, the recipe for the blue liquid has begun to develop into something safer for the environment and for people. While formaldehyde is still used in some parts of the country, others have started relying on a formula grounded in the use of biocides.

What is a biocide?

Put simply, biocides are biological products that have been engineered to eliminate the growth of odor-producing bacteria. The application of biocides in a porta potty stops the odor-producing bacteria from multiplying and helps keep the natural stench of human waste from growing too pronounced.

Biocides aren’t the only things that make up modern blue liquid, though. Companies also incorporate a blue dye to help disguise the waste beneath the water (because no one wants that water to be clear). There are also fragrances included to help overpower the smell of what odors do get past the biocides. Finally, companies add detergent to the mixture to make the proceedings as clean as possible.

Your Porta Potty Pros

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