Where to Place Your Portable Restrooms

September 2, 2020

There are a couple main decisions you’ll need to make when you rent portable toilets for your event or property: how many to get, and where you will place them.

Location is a very important decision—you need to choose areas that will be convenient for your guests, and where it is easy for the company to bring in its trucks for pickup and drop-off.

Here are a few examples of some of the most important considerations with regard to how to place portable toilets in Chattanooga, TN:

  • Accessibility: Anywhere you place portable toilets needs to be somewhere that is accessible for the vehicles that will be dropping them off and picking them up. There are some locations where the terrain simply isn’t conducive to truck operations. You should also consider the accessibility for your guests—porta potties should be placed in an area your guests can easily access, including guests with any mobility handicaps.
  • Banks: Grouping porta potties together in banks will prevent them from tipping side to side, and also makes it more convenient for the people servicing those tanks, as it reduces the number of times they’ll have to move the truck. When placed in high-volume areas, having banks of porta potties rather than individual ones will also reduce line sizes and serve a larger number of people.
  • Enclosures: If you can, place porta potties in an area that is enclosed, as this will provide some extra protection against the weather and other elements.
  • Structures: It can also be a good idea to place portable toilets up against structures such as building walls. This makes it easier to keep the portable toilets in a line, and offers some extra privacy and extra protection against the wind.
  • Entrances and exits: It is always a sensible idea to place portable toilets near entrances and exits of your event grounds, so long as you can do so without impeding foot traffic. These tend to be the areas where portable toilets see the most use.
  • Terrain: Consider the terrain in certain areas as you’re making your decisions about where you’ll place your portable toilets. Keep your portable restrooms away from low, unpaved ground so you can prevent issues with the area getting muddy. Uneven surfaces can also be a problem for porta potties, as they make them more likely to tip over.
  • Stability: You should always choose sites where you can take extra measures to ensure the stability of your portable toilets. Stake down your units whenever possible—while this will not completely prevent tip-overs, it certainly will reduce the odds. Stakes should be completely hammered into the ground to avoid them becoming trip hazards. Ratchet straps are also beneficial if you cannot stake your units but are also able to secure them to other nearby structures like fences or trees.

For more information about choosing where to place portable toilets at the site of your upcoming event in Chattanooga, TN, or to arrange for porta potty rentals, reach out to Pit Stop Portables today!

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