Everything You Need to Know About How Porta Potties Work

September 30, 2020

Porta potties come with a negative reputation that’s a bit undeserved. When you need a safe and reliable method for taking care of business, porta potties are the way to go. Understanding how porta potties work in Chattanooga, TN will ease safety concerns and help you make an informed decision when selecting portable bathrooms for your event or worksite.

Chemical solutions fight odor and bacteria

There’s not just waste floating around down there. Sanitation workers create the perfect ratio of chemicals to minimize odor and destroy bacteria that can make you sick. Fragrance is crucial for masking odors, and surfactants help waste dissolve in the tank water for greater efficiency. That familiar blue dye is another staple in porta potties—once it turns green, workers know it’s time to empty the tank.

Portable bathrooms in Chattanooga, TN have evolved over time and now use chemicals that are safe for the environment. Biocides are a common ingredient and non-toxic to humans, especially when sanitation workers dilute them. With the help of enzymes and microbes, these chemicals help decompose human waste for easier disposal and naturally eliminate odor.

Porta potties protect your health

Contrary to popular belief, portable bathrooms in Chattanooga, TN and elsewhere are designed to maintain the health of patrons. The risk of contracting salmonella or hepatitis A from a porta potty is no greater than in a traditional restroom. It all comes down to washing your hands afterward and practicing overall personal hygiene. Porta potties come equipped with hand washing stations and sanitizer, so there’s nothing to worry about.

Plus, representatives of your porty potty rental company will come by according to a set schedule to clean porta potties with a disinfectant spray. They will also replenish amenities like toilet paper, hand sanitizer and soap. Workers use a safe and efficient disposal method to remove waste from the holding tanks, which is done on a regular basis.

They’re designed for maximum comfort

Porta potties have all sorts of clever features that optimize a patron’s experience. The ceiling has a vent to increase air circulation and prevent odors from stinking up the stall. It’s topped with a translucent roof that has built in light-refracting properties. For those hot days, sanitation workers add extra fragrance and biocides to combat odor. During the winter, rock salt is placed in urinals to lower the holding tank’s temperature and prevent frozen waste.

Portable toilets aren’t connected to plumbing or sewage systems. However, some designs have a self-contained flushing feature that circulates water in the holding tank. This ensures the chemical solution is evenly distributed throughout the organic matter.

Portable toilets have a simple cleaning regimen

Sanitation workers empty the holding tank once a portable toilet is used approximately 100 times. A tanker truck hooks up directly to the holding tank and vacuums waste into its storage unit. The truck is also equipped with fresh water and that familiar blue chemical solution to replenish the now-empty porta potty. Workers then bring the waste to a municipal treatment plant for proper disposal.

Porta potties shouldn’t be a hindrance to your event. Instead, they’re designed to offer a quick and convenient restroom experience. And with Pit Stop Portables’ luxury trailers, you’ll be using the loo in style. If you have more questions about what porta potties can do to enhance your event or worksite in Chattanooga, TN, reach out to us today!

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