Strange Discoveries in Portable Toilets: A Collection

August 19, 2020

Get around portable toilets enough, and you’re bound to see some strange things every now and then. When you open up porta potties to the public, you can never know for certain exactly what’s going to be left inside (aside from the obvious).

Here are just a few examples of some of the porta potty horror stories industry workers in Chattanooga, TN are likely to have heard or experienced from picking up and cleaning porta potties over the years:

  • Drugs: Yes, it is an unfortunate reality that porta potties are a common spot for people to use drugs at large events, because nobody’s going to barge in on you while the portable toilet is in use. It is not uncommon for porta potty workers cleaning the cabins to come across drug paraphernalia like needles, residue and other items and equipment.
  • Bodily fluids: Porta potties are, of course, meant to collect bodily fluids in their tanks—their entire purpose is for people to relieve themselves in a convenient and sanitary location. Of course, sometimes people don’t make it into the tanks, which creates for a messy cleanup situation. It’s also not uncommon for workers to have to clean up puddles of vomit, especially after events that involve large amounts of alcohol.
  • Animals: Sometimes pesky animals manage to get inside portable toilets on their own. Other times, would-be pranksters leave behind animals like large spiders, insects or other creepy crawlers intended to give the sanitation workers cleaning the cabins a good scare.
  • Sex toys and condoms: Yes, if you work in the portable toilet industry for long enough, you’ll almost certainly come across some items you’d rather not see, including sex toys and condoms in various states of use.
  • Bodies: There have been stories of dead bodies being found in porta potties. Occasionally people have died in portable toilets as a result of medical issues or drug overdoses.
  • Babies: There have been a couple of stories that made major national news about babies being left behind in portable toilets. In one 2009 story, a Maryland woman gave birth inside the portable toilet and left the baby inside, warning a person next in line not to go inside because of it. That man immediately contacted the authorities, and the baby ended up surviving and being transferred to social services. The woman was charged with reckless endangerment and child abuse.
  • Other personal items: It is not at all uncommon for people to leave behind purses, packs, accessories and various other personal items behind in porta potties.

These are just a few examples of some of the strange, frightening and unusual porta potty discoveries that have been made by unsuspecting clients and workers in Chattanooga, TN and beyond. It’s just one reason why it’s so important to work with a portable toilet company you can trust—they’ll be able to thoroughly clean out the units, deal with any “surprise” items left behind and spare you the trouble and shock.

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