Alternative and Unique Uses for Porta Potties

February 19, 2020

For decades, porta potties have been thought of as a place to do your business when there are no other options around. But that’s not always the case—there are several unconventional porta potty uses in Chattanooga, TN that you may have never thought of before. This post will cover some of the more unique uses out there:

  • Football practice: You may see porta potties outside of football stadiums, but could you imagine seeing one on a football field? Believe it or not, it’s not an uncommon practice! The Kansas City Chiefs started using them in 2010 to boost concentration for their receivers. In the exercise, a player sits on the seat with the door closed. Then, a teammate rapidly opens the door while a coach throws a football at the player in the porta potty.
  • Weddings: With the rise in popularity of outdoor weddings and wedding receptions comes the need for outdoor facilities. After all, you can’t have wedding guests just relieving themselves out in the bushes or behind a car. Luckily, guests won’t have to suffer inside the smelly old porta potties they’ve come to expect from low-quality experiences in the past. We provide luxury portable trailers for weddings that come complete with toilets, sinks and even mirrors.
  • Galas and high-end events: Similar to the point above, we’ve also been known to rent out luxury portable trailers for classy affairs. Our luxury trailers are so nice that guests at outdoor galas hardly even notice that they’re using a portable toilet!
  • At-home parties: Are you hosting a birthday party or special event at your house? If so, you may want to consider renting a porta potty or two! Having a portable toilet in your backyard may sound like a wacky and unconventional porta potty use in Chattanooga, TN, but it’s really a good idea. Having a high-end porta potty for guests to use saves your plumbing and helps ensure nobody has to wait to use the bathroom.

Get the best porta potties at Pit Stop Portables!

Whether you need them for traditional or unique porta potty uses in Chattanooga, TN, be sure to get your units from Pit Stop Portables. Here are a few reasons to choose us:

  • Clean facilities: When you rent from Pit Stop Portables, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting fresh and sanitary porta potties. All of our units are thoroughly cleaned before each rental.
  • Handwashing stations: On top of providing clean units, we help keep our customers clean by renting out handwashing stations. Rest easy knowing your next event will be germ-free if you rent your units from us.
  • Wide range of products: Whether you need luxury trailers for a gala or a row of standard porta potties for an outdoor concert, we’ve got you covered. We even rent out ADA-accessible units to ensure every customer can be comfortably accommodated.

As you can see, Pit Stop Portables is your number one choice for portable toilets. Give us a call today to schedule delivery or to learn about a few more unique porta potty uses in Chattanooga, TN.

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