Where to Place Porta Potties

January 17, 2020

When you rent porta potties for an event, construction site or other outdoor use, knowing where to place them is key. Public toilet placement in Chattanooga, TN is an important part of keeping your guests happy—you want them to have plenty of access without needing to walk all over your event site to find them.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself when you’re planning for porta potties.

How many toilets will you need?

How many toilets you need will influence every other placement factor on this list. You can use a portable toilet estimate calculator, or use the “one porta potty per 100 attendees for four or five hours” as a basic rule of thumb. The number increases if you serve food or drink, especially alcohol. No one wants to wait in long restroom lines, so it’s crucial that you rent enough toilets to make it a comfortable experience for everyone, yet still be able to fit them within the site.

Where is the ground level?

Porta potties need to be placed on flat, level ground for safety purposes. Where on your event site is the ground suitable for portable toilets? Depending on the kind of event, you’ll want to stake out several different locations to increase accessibility and reduce lines. You’ll also need a place with about 25 feet around it for the sanitation service truck to park.

Centrally located or scattered strategically?

The type of event or site you’re renting for will also influence where to place the toilets. Weddings, for example, often have one centrally-located area for the porta potties. Festivals, on the other hand, need to scatter the porta potties in smaller groups so attendees will never have to walk too far to find a place to go.

Are you serving food and beverages?

If you’re serving food and beverages, your need for portable toilets will increase, and you’ll also need to consider placing them relatively close—but not too close—to where the food is being served and/or consumed.

Does your city require permits or have placement restrictions?

Finally, check your city bylaws to find out whether you need permits for porta potties, and if there are any restrictions as to where the public toilets are placed onsite. It’s easier to plan for this at the outset than to get nasty surprises later.

If you need help navigating these questions, don’t forget to ask the experts at your portable toilet rental service. When it’s time to rent portable toilets for your next event, let Pit Stop Portables help take care of your guests. We’ve been offering clean, safe portable restrooms and restroom trailers to the Chattanooga area for over 50 years. Our team is comprised of friendly experts who can help you with everything from public toilet placement in Chattanooga, TN to estimating the quantity you’ll need for any given event. Call us today and find out why event planners love us, and get started ordering hygienic and convenient bathrooms for your event.

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