Getting Ready for Home Remodeling in Chattanooga, TN? Don’t Forget the Porta Potties!

October 22, 2019

Home remodeling in Chattanooga, TN can be done a number of different ways. Homeowners can hire a construction crew for professional services, partner with a contractor or take the DIY approach and recruit the help of family and friends. No matter the route you choose, there are going to be some important preparations you’ll have to make in advance to ensure the job goes off without a hitch.

As you begin planning your home renovation project, remind yourself of the important little things. Big things like materials, new room fixtures and hiring a company for the remodel or renting the tools to do it yourself are obvious factors to keep in mind, but what about bathroom accommodations? Whether you hire contractors or entice family and friends to help out, you mustn’t forget to provide toilet access for your helpers. Porta potty rental offers an ideal solution. Here are five reasons why you need to rent portable toilets for the duration of your big home remodeling project:

  • Convenience: If you hire a remodeling company or contractor, they may or may not bring their own porta potties. This really depends on the type of job and how long the project will take to complete. Ask the contractor if they plan to bring restrooms. If not, it might be a good idea to rent one for them. Having portable toilets outside is convenient for anyone working on your house. They won’t be trailing dust from the job area to the bathroom inside and back. Porta potties offer a quick in-and-out restroom solution that allows work to proceed with minimal disruption and inconvenience.
  • Comfort: Nature is going to call whether it’s a good time or not, and having to hold your bladder is no fun. It can make a person irritable and uncomfortable to the point where they can’t do good work. When there are bathrooms nearby, the people you hire for your home renovation job can focus on the task at hand instead of where the nearest accessible restroom is. A portable toilet is a comfortable and convenient restroom option for crews.
  • Privacy: There’s a good chance you’re not helping with the construction part of the project. When the only bathrooms for crews to use are inside the house, there’s little privacy for you and your family. By making portable toilets and wash stations available, everyone gets their privacy during the remodel.
  • Cleanliness: Portable toilets keep the dirt out of your house. This won’t happen if the only restroom option is your hallway bathroom. Porta potty rentals can also save water and prevent your home’s plumbing from having to work harder.
  • Necessity: Finally, toilets are a necessity on job sites. The work can take days or weeks to complete, which means contractors will need regular access to bathroom facilities.

If you’re getting ready for home remodeling in Chattanooga, TN and need to rent porta potties, you can rely on Pit Stop Portables for a range of options. Call us today to learn more!

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