The Dos and Don’ts of Porta Potty Placement

September 24, 2019

Location, location, location! It’s a mantra commonly heard in the real estate business, but it works pretty well when talking about portable restrooms, too. The truth is that renting a porta potty in Chattanooga, TN is easy, but finding the perfect place for it at your event site isn’t. There is a lot to consider. For example, will disabled users have equal access? Will the toilets be safe from vandals if left unattended overnight? Will delivery teams be able to drop them off and pick them up easily?

Here are some quick and easy rules to follow to make sure your next big event has the facilities it needs, exactly where they are needed:

  • Ease of equal access: One key thing to remember when hosting any large event is that not everyone has the same abilities. Some people may rely on wheelchairs or walkers, while others may have no limitations at all. That said, be sure to place your porta potties in places everyone can get to. Try to distribute the restrooms evenly so that they are easy to find and even easier to get into.
  • Not too close, but not too far: The perfect place for a porta potty in Chattanooga, TN is sufficiently out of the away that you don’t think about it, but close enough to get to when you need it. That said, avoid putting toilets near food and drink serving areas or anywhere else people might congregate.
  • Ingress and egress: Let’s say for a moment that your event is being hosted on uneven terrain with lots of steps. Delivery and pickup will be difficult in this situation. The best bet for fewer headaches is a level spot that’s easily accessed by delivery crews.
  • Make some predictions: The thing about large events and portable restrooms is that lines have a way of forming—especially after the drinks have been flowing for a few hours. Also, if rain is in the forecast, be sure to put the units someplace where waiting guests won’t get drenched.
  • Locking things down: One of the unfortunate things about porta potties is that they are a prime target for vandalism and other criminal activity. They are easy to tip over when not occupied, which makes for an extremely unpleasant mess. The best bet here is to make sure that your facilities are guarded if left over night or are out of the line of sight from passersby.
  • On solid ground: Once you’ve figured out how many units you’ll need to accommodate your guests and where you think they should go, check the ground to make sure they will stay put. Wet, soft and uneven ground could mean sliding or the risk of tipping over, so it’s important to place them somewhere flat and hard. Pavement is the best bet, but if that isn’t available, hard dirt or gravel will work just as well.

Pit Stop Portables makes renting the right type and size of porta potty in Chattanooga, TN as easy as possible. Contact us today for more information, or call to reserve the best portable toilets in town!

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