What You Should Know About Renting a Construction Porta Potty in Chattanooga, TN

August 21, 2019

On a construction site, safety should always be the top priority. The use of heavy machinery and exposure to adverse outdoor conditions can create some challenges and hazards for workers and site managers alike. There are a lot of different federal, state and local requirements that are designed to keep workers safe, and these requirements cover just about everything on a job site, including the availability of restroom facilities. Read on to find out more about renting a construction porta potty in Chattanooga, TN and how you can be sure that you comply with the relevant requirements.

OSHA standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was established to ensure that workers, especially those in high-risk occupations, are kept safe from injury and death on the job. OSHA standards establish a baseline for safety that all businesses must comply with. While some other regulations vary from state to state, OSHA requirements create some universal safety standards on a federal level. OSHA’s restroom facility guidelines detail the things that business owners and site managers must do to accommodate the needs of their workers.

OSHA’s standards for portable restrooms require worksites to have at least one portable restroom available for crews of 20 employees or fewer. On sites with more than 20 workers, one toilet and one urinal are required for every 40 workers. If there are 200 employees or more, sites are required to have one toilet and one urinal for every 50 employees. Following these basic standards is essential to ensure that worksites remain compliant and avoid fines or penalties associated with non-compliance. Following these standards also helps business owners and site managers keep employee morale, health and safety strong, which creates a more positive work environment for everyone involved.

Porta potty maintenance

In addition to getting the right porta potty units on your site, you also need to keep them clean and well maintained. Typically, regular porta potty maintenance for long-term use is included in the rental fee that porta potty rental companies charge. You can discuss the specifics of maintenance, including scheduling, with the porta potty rental company that you choose. In addition to scheduled maintenance, it’s important to get more frequent service if there are sanitation issues with your porta potties. Make sure to schedule maintenance for times when workers aren’t onsite to avoid interrupting access to restroom facilities.

Rent a construction porta potty in Chattanooga, TN

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