The History of Porta Potties

July 24, 2019

Throughout human history, people have had to go to the bathroom. While many ancient peoples had different ways of disposing of their bodily waste relatively safely and effectively, the Romans perfected what we now think of as a modern sewer system. This provided people with fixed toilet holes on which to do their business that eventually drained into a common sewer.

While these sewer systems suited urban populations well, it became obvious that it was still necessary to find solutions for people to use bathrooms out of doors and in more rural locations. For centuries, the answer to this quandary eluded both philosophers and inventors alike.

The Birth of Innovation

During the Second World War, however, a range of technological innovations swept the world. Everything from the development of the atomic bomb to the first computers was born out of wartime necessity. This era also saw the birth of another exciting, earth-shattering invention: the portable bathroom.

Today, we may take it for granted that portable bathroom rentals in Chattanooga, TN are easily accessible and affordable. During WWII, however, the U.S. Armed Forces needed to provide a way for sailors spending extended periods of time out on boats to use the bathroom without contaminating the rest of the ship. Thus, the modern porta potty was born.

Advancing Technology

These early porta potties were far from ideal, however. They lacked many of the luxuries and comforts we expect from portable bathrooms today, and smelled downright horrifying.

Several decades after the war, industry leaders invented portable bathroom deodorizer, which more effectively neutralized many of the foul smells associated with bodily functions. This made the idea of renting a cheap porta potty in Chattanooga, TN significantly more appealing.

In the 1970s, a revolution changed the face of the porta potty industry forever. Rather than constructing the portable bathrooms out of wood and steel, companies began building them out of fiberglass. This made them significantly lighter and easier to transport.

Just a few years after the development of fiberglass portable bathrooms, polyurethane became the construction material of choice. More durable and less absorbent than fiberglass, this substance is what most portable bathrooms are still made out of today. Polyurethane porta potties can be used for as long as 10 years before they need to be retired and recycled.

Improving Innovation

Today, the portable restroom industry is continuing to push the envelope and develop better and more effective products. Now, luxury restroom trailers, which feature flushing toilets and running water, are becoming more popular at festivals and outdoor events.

Similarly, the industry is developing new products to meet growing demands. High-rise portable bathrooms, for instance, can be collapsed and sent up construction elevators to meet the needs of building crews.

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