Top Reasons to Have Porta Potties at Your Next Outdoor Event

June 5, 2019

Hosting an outdoor event takes a bit of planning. First, you have to find a good location for your event, a spot that can handle a large group of people. But once you’re done reserving the space for a specific date and time, you still need to ensure the comfort of your guests. One amenity you must remember to consider is access to restrooms—especially if your event will be serving alcohol or other kinds of beverages. The best solution? Rent portable toilets, as they were made to provide easy access to restrooms for event attendees, hosts and other personnel.

Here are the top reasons to invest in portable bathroom rentals in Chattanooga, TN for your next outdoor event.

Comfort and convenience

Some areas have laws that say outdoor events must provide bathroom accommodations to their guests. So, if your event is planned to last more than a couple hours, you need to figure out the restroom situation pretty early on in the planning process. Luckily, portable toilets can help you out when permanent restrooms are not an option. Make sure to place porta potties in convenient locations not too far from the festivities.

Good hygiene

In most cases, portable toilets are the only option for sufficient restrooms (or to have restrooms at all). If you don’t provide your guests with a bathroom option, they’ll either have to run to the nearest gas station and use the toilet there or just do their business outside. The latter is gross, but it does happen, especially if you’re serving alcohol. And not having enough portable toilets for the number of guests in attendance can lead to potties filling up before they can be pumped and cleaned. Non-existent or insufficient toilets will leave your event venue stinky and messy.

Less cleaning

You might be tempted to use your built-in restrooms for an event, but cleaning up regular restrooms after an event can be trying. Even if you have enough stalls to accommodate your guests, do you really want to deal with clogged or toilets, soiled floors and other disgusting duties? Choose portable toilets for your next outdoor event and your rental company will take care of all the cleanup for you. When the event has ended, they will pump each porta potty, haul them away on the back of a truck and sanitize them at their own facility. Rent portable bathrooms and you won’t have to worry about restroom cleanup.

Cost-efficient option

Renting portable toilets can save you money. Traditional bathroom toilets use a lot of water per flush, but porta potties don’t require water in the tanks. In fact, they don’t even flush. In addition to saving water, portable toilets also save electricity. There is no wiring for lights inside the units—when using the unit, you see by the sunlight or moonlight coming in or with help from battery-powered motion sensor lights.

If you are planning an outdoor event and want more information about portable bathroom rentals in Chattanooga, TN, contact the knowledgeable staff at Pit Stop Portables. Call and reserve your potties today!

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