Child Safety Around Porta Potties

April 4, 2019

If you’re a parent, you know just how easy it is for children to get themselves into situations where they can get injured or sick. Even so, you might not have thought about a porta potty as a place that could spell trouble for kids.

Before you step into a porta potty trailer rental in Chattanooga, TN with your child, you’ll want to think about protecting your child’s safety and health. Follow these simple steps to ensure your child stays safe and clean:

  • Using good hygiene: As with any bathroom, germs are plentiful due to the presence of human waste. In porta potties, however, it’s easier for germs to stick around due to the more limited cleaning facilities available. When you enter a porta potty with a child, be sure to limit their movement so you can take a few extra protective measures. Line the toilet seat with a liner, or with toilet paper if the liners are not available. After using the potty, make sure your child washes their hands in the sink and dries them. Of course, if the sink is unavailable or not working, hand sanitizer would be a necessity. But even if there is an operating sink, it doesn’t hurt to quickly use some sanitizer as well.
  • Being safe while inside: Even with slightly older children who generally take care of themselves in the bathroom, it’s good practice to supervise them inside a porta potty. The insides of porta potties can be slippery if they’re wet, and the seat is generally more difficult to navigate than a normal toilet. You can avoid any mishaps with falls or problems operating the lock or sink by accompanying your child when they use a porta potty.
  • Staying safe nearby: In general, it’s not a great idea to let your child play near a porta potty. One reason is that it could be unhygienic if the company servicing the porta potties hasn’t cleaned them, so letting little ones play on the ground nearby could lead to them picking up germs. Children can also just have accidents if they’re playing around with the porta potties and doing things like standing too close to the doors while people are trying to go in and out.
  • Diaper changes: Most porta potties don’t include a place for a diaper change, but some do have baby changing stations, especially in more luxurious porta potty trailers. If you’re hosting an event without an inside bathroom, it’s worth it to rent one with the changing station to make sure guests are comfortable and safe while taking care of little ones.

If you’re in the market for porta potty trailer rentals in Chattanooga, TN, you should work with a trusted company to make sure you have high-quality restrooms available. Pit Stop Portables has over five decades in the business and keeps our customers happy because of our reliable and prompt service.

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