Answers to Your Biggest Porta Potty Questions

March 21, 2019

Many people have a love-hate relationship with porta potties. We love that they are there when we need them, whether it’s at an outdoor wedding, festival or sporting event. But we hate the time we spend inside them, due to the smell, cramped quarters and general mess.

If you’re researching porta potty rentals in Chattanooga, TN, it’s useful to learn more about how porta potties operate—and especially about how many of the problems users experience are related to the management of the event and not a problem with the porta potty itself. Read on for more info:

  • What’s with the chaotic lines? The number of porta potties ordered per person often differs depending on the event itself. At a typical concert, for example, the suggestion might be to order one porta potty per 60 people, whereas at something like a road race, the suggestion is to order one porta potty per 10 people. That’s because runners or bikers are more likely to use the bathroom before racing, while many concert-goers avoid them if possible. Another reason lines are often chaotic is due to how the porta potties are arranged. The best system involves creating a U shape with one line for the bank of porta potties, but this involves good signage and control—something events may lack.
  • What’s the sweet smell? The cloying combination of human waste and an overly sweet smell is never something people enjoy. But porta potty manufacturers and managers are doing their best to cover waste with lots of different tactics. The tank is filled with water and precharge, and that precharge liquid is usually scented with something like cherry, a popular smell choice because it is strong and easy to produce. On top of this, porta potties often include stick-on deodorizing disks that add to the smell.
  • What happens to all the waste? If the porta potty was ordered for a one-time event, after it’s over, the workers will pump out the unit with a long hose into a truck that can hold 1,500 gallons of waste, and then the unit is taken back to the company for a pressure-cleaning. If the event lasts multiple days, the workers come to pump the toilet and then clean and refill it so it’s fresh and usable again.
  • How long do porta potties last? Because porta potties are now made from high-density polyethylene and not fiberglass, they have a longer lifespan and can last at least 10 years, and even as long as 30 years in some cases. This material is great because it’s durable, flexible and doesn’t act as a host for bacteria or viruses.

Now that you’re an expert, you can seek out porta potty rentals in Chattanooga, TN with confidence! For over 50 years, Pit Stop Portables has offered the local community an excellent porta potty rental service that’s focused on providing quality equipment and customer service. We’ve become the region’s leader in providing sanitary porta potties that are ideal for any event, no matter how big or small. Call today for more information!

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