Why a Luxury Porta Potty?

February 19, 2019

Everyone can spot a porta potty from a mile away, with its distinctive, brightly colored sides and standard sizes. Porta potties are indeed convenient and necessary in a variety of spaces, but sometimes you just need something that brings a bit more class and convenience to your event or site.

If you’re still unsure whether you need a regular porta potty or a porta potty trailer rental in Chattanooga, TN, then you’ll need to think through a few factors: the type of event, the volume of bathroom visits and sanitization:

  • Classing up the place: Though regular porta potties work fine for a wide range of events, one thing that luxury trailers offer is a classier appearance. These trailers are usually toned down in color and are thus more discreet looking than traditional porta potties. Another benefit is that they include higher-end finishes like wooden cabinetry and mirrors. This will make your guests feel like they are using a real bathroom. Though they look nicer and are more spacious, these trailers are still easy to park anywhere. If you’re having a wedding or black-tie affair, it’s often a better option to make sure guests have a cohesive experience at a sophisticated event.
  • Handling more volume: Luxury porta potty trailers have flushing toilets and larger tanks. This means that they can handle a higher volume of waste and need to be emptied less often. As you consider whether you might need one, think about the number of guests attending the event, and how long the event will run.
  • Keeping things cleaner: Regular porta potties often have very limited sanitization options. All will have some sort of hand sanitizer dispenser, and some will have a sink with limited water, but it’s nothing like a real bathroom experience. Luxury porta potty trailers do have sinks, however, and this will again add to the guests feeling better about their bathroom experience at your event or site. It can also contribute to keeping things more sanitary and healthier by encouraging good hand washing habits.
  • Providing a versatile space: Lastly, because they have more space, luxury trailers can offer extra space for guests to change, primp or take care of other needs. This would be especially important at an event like a wedding, where someone might want to change after the ceremony into a different outfit.

These are just a few of the many things you’ll want to consider as you look into porta potty trailer rentals in Chattanooga, TN and weigh them against traditional porta potties. Whether you want fancy or typical porta potties for your event, Pit Stop Portables is the company you’ll want to contact. Our family-owned company is dedicated to ensuring our customers have the best experience they can as they decide on the right porta potty options for their event and their needs.

Since 1964, Pit Stop Portables has offered quality porta potty options and reliable services in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas. Call today to find out more about how we can help you!

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