How Portable Sanitation Is Good for The Environment

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October 24, 2018

Portable toilets or luxury portable restroom trailers offer your company or event a lot of benefits. They are an excellent alternative if indoor facilities aren’t available, they usually include a routine service contract and you have a number of options to choose from. On top of all that, though, you should know that portable sanitation facilities are actually good for the environment in a number of ways.

If you have been considering portable bathroom rentals in Chattanooga, TN for your event or property, add these Earth-friendly benefits onto your “pros” list.

Portable sanitation facilities offer safe waste disposal

You need only imagine an outdoor event that doesn’t offer any type of bathroom facilities to understand how unpleasant and unsanitary this situation would be. Humans need to have a proper place to relieve themselves so that their waste doesn’t end up in bushes, on grass or anywhere else.

An overload of urine or feces on the ground is not only unsanitary for humans, but can actually cause extreme harm to the environment by contaminating water sources for animals, killing plants and more. Offering portable toilets to your guests means they have a safe and sanitary place to keep their waste.

Plus, with portable toilet rentals in Chattanooga, TN comes the proper disposal of this waste. Porta potties are solidly constructed to safely hold waste until it is pumped into a truck that takes it to get treated, with no human or animal interaction necessary.

Portable toilets don’t use much water

Portable toilets contain tanks that have a mix of some water and chemicals that sanitize and break down waste. You don’t need to flush a portable toilet, which helps to significantly reduce the amount of water used when compared to a standard indoor toilet that uses a few gallons per flush.

When you think about how often porta potties are used during large-scale festivals and other events, you’ll realize just how much water is saved by mitigating the potentially thousands of flushes each day.

Porta potties and their accessories minimize the spread of germs

Most porta potties come with a pre-installed hand sanitizer unit on the inside, so guests can thoroughly sanitize their hands after using the restroom. Or, if you’d like to go the extra mile for your guests, many rental providers also offer hand-washing stations with soap and water.

These accessories help cut down on the germs that are potentially spread through human contact after going to the bathroom. This is particularly important during events where food is served. Reducing the number of germs and illnesses spread throughout your crowd is good for public health and can also help protect the environment and animals from becoming diseased.
Choose a reliable vendor of portable bathroom rentals for your next event

Now that you know about the environmental benefits of portable toilets, it’s time to call Pit Stop Portables. Our company offers portable bathroom rentals in Chattanooga, TN. We have an array of products to select from, ranging from standard porta potties to luxury restroom trailers and more.

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